Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

There are growing problems in New Jersey which must be addressed.

First is the abortion issue. While abortion is legal in our state, how can the killing of innocent babies who have survived the abortion procedure be legal? This is murder.

Next, there is a very big opioid problem in our country. The powers that be want to legalize marijuana and say it is harmless. I strongly disagree. How long will it be that the high you get on marijuana is not enough before you seek stronger and stronger drugs?

Then there is assisted suicide. Suicide is an act of taking one’s life intentionally. With assisted suicide, the person can be aided in this act. While many think it is justified if the person is gravely ill, such legislation gives rise to many otherwise unintentional deaths for convenience.

Last but not least is gambling. It is now possible to place a bet from the comfort of your own home. Gambling is a vice that has brought destruction and sadness to many people. Making it so accessible and condoning this activity will only lead to loss of homes, loss of income, and even loss of family in some cases.

The above measures are now or soon will become legal, but I believe they have the ability to destroy mankind. These are not good things. These are acts that are proposed to put money into the coffers of those who would benefit.

Murder, drugs, suicide, and gambling will destroy our families, communities and, eventually, our country. Let’s not let these actions become commonplace but fight to have them removed. Fight for decency and for the person.