Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Mr. Trump has rallies and he is a wannabe autocrat. Therefore, were he not living in a democracy, would he be allowed to hold a rally? 

Autocracy is Putin’s game and Kim Jong-un’s and all the others. Supporters of DJT’s beliefs must think rationally and not just yell USA and not realize it is a democracy. 

Do we remember what Adolph Shicklgruber was and what he did to our world? He was a neo-fascist, and his other name was Adolph Hitler. He murdered a lot of people as did Joseph Stalin, another autocrat. In his case, it was 20 million people. 

Here are some tallies from a Pew Research Center survey: 75% of those polled in a dozen countries expressed “confidence in the U.S. president to do the right thing” compared with 17% a year ago. We have, again, a president respected by the world.  

This may be America’s last chance to grow the way we had grown for 200 years. If not, then we go the other way, and our children have no future. 

We were once the greatest country in the world. Are we still? We can be. Give it time and with a lot of prayer, it may even be possible. We have a guy now who has lived in that country and can just possibly turn it around.  

Forget those pseudo church leaders who wish to discontinue his reception of communion. So many people can’t mind their business and choose to interfere in so much. 

This country is loaded with misinformation, like some of the following: fake news, tribalism, hoax, pedophiles, QAnon, Jan. 6, stop the steal and far too many others. Have we ever had to deal with this before? Far too crazy.  

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