Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Our grandparents bought their little bungalow in West Wildwood in 1958. It was the place where all their children and grandchildren would spend time with them. It was the place where all the cousins came together and made lifelong friendships with each other. 

I can remember when there would be three families staying there at the same time in a little two-bedroom house. Our grandparents lived there as full-time residents at a time when there were very few people living there during the winter. 

There were times when the mailman would bring them stamps or stop at the store and pick up milk or whatever they needed and couldn’t get a cab to go to the store. During the summer we kids would explore the island and stop at Inga’s store for candy. 

Grandmom didn’t have a phone or TV at the time, so we spent our days outside. In the evening our mothers would send us to the Triangle Bar to tell the “men of the family” it was time to come home for dinner. 

When our grandparents died our parents took over the house and the circle of aunts, uncles and cousins kept on going. 

When our parents retired, they moved to the house full time. We didn’t just visit in the summer. We would go back and forth all winter long to help repair and keep up the house. We still packed as many in as we could and there was always room for more. 

 When our parents passed on, we were lucky enough to keep the house. When we pass on it will go to our children and their children to keep the magic going. And that’s what it has always been to us, magic. 

It’s our happy place that holds so many wonderful memories. Memories of time with our grandparents, parents, and cousins.

 The COVID-19 quarantine has opened our eyes to what some of the full-time residents think of us, second home owners. The nasty comments in the Herald Spout Off and Facebook are shocking. 

People were called terrible names and threatened. Anyone that had an out-of-state license plate was targeted and humiliated. We stayed in our permanent residences and didn’t go where we feel happy and safe because we obeyed the “stay at home” rule. But that’s not to say we didn’t want to. 

The arguments were about grocery stores being emptied out. Our grocery stores are empty also. Then there were the comments about overcrowding in the hospital. Every hospital in every city or town is overcrowded at this time with the virus patients. 

 When things get back to normal, we will be going down to our house. But now we have to wonder if the people who wave and act friendly to us are the same people who had something nasty to say about us “second home owners” during this time. Or if the owners of any of the businesses we usually go to had unpleasant things to say. 

Since all of them were hiding behind their keyboards and not signing their names it’s impossible to tell. So, if a reader is one of those people please let us know so that we will be sure not to give you any of our business or spend any of our money at your establishments. 

You were very brave with your comments so be just as brave and tell us who you are. We’re not afraid to tell you who we are.