Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Have you ever seen what we're seeing now and since 2016 to now? Can you trust these people to uphold our country and democracy: Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr, and Tucker Carlson? 

Furthermore, think about the next bunch of names: Jeff Epstein, Tom Barrack, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, and the toy general - the last four being indicted and convicted felons. All four were later pardoned by Trump, even though they are as guilty as anyone can be. Just to submit a few more names - the pillow guy and Sheriff Arpaio. Where did they all come from? Trump... 

Regarding the pandemic, why would one think that 800-plus doctors have signed a letter to Desantis, governor of Florida? Isn't it just possible they know more about medicine than he does? Why do we have public health systems - to displease politicians? 

On violence, why have some 500-plus people been indicted for Jan. 6? Do and did they look like they were just 'doing nice?' C'mon! We haven't had the gun problem even approached in years. Why?   

Regarding Afghanistan, here's a little secret. Sept. 11, 2021, we answered with a correctness in Afghanistan, and in 2003, Bush went to Iraq and slowly withdrew too much from the Afghan region. Republican philosophy. As our economy was almost destroyed in 2008. Why? Could it be Republicans?  

Think about that come 2024 and the possible end of our country. Do we need more misinformation and misleading politicians? Isn't it possible we're headed for some domestic improvement, like infrastructure? This was promised now for four years and never provided, even though we raised the debt some $8T, not $3.1 trillion. 

Could it be we are headed in the right direction, finally, and not the Republican direction?  

Please note: In Afghanistan, it was Pompeo's order that dropped 14,000 troops to 2,500, not Biden's. 

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