Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I am first reflecting on Bertram Halbruner’s letter. It’s totally correct that we the people no longer have the power, as we are now subjects and not citizens. 

However, the founding fathers knew that such abuse of power was a possibility. Therefore, they included Article V in the Constitution, which gives the power back to the people through a state’s constitutional convention by which the convention determines term limits.  

Right now, there are no term limits for Congress, thus we are under the rule of 400 mini kings and queens. Term limits will give us the opportunity to elect citizen legislators. 

I am a member of an organization called U.S. Term Limits. We are a nationwide, non-profit organization. 

I have mailed pledge forms to every New Jersey senator, as well as Gov. Phil Murphy. I have mailed pledge forms to every New Jersey congressman and congresswoman, asking them to sign the pledges to enroll New Jersey into the convention. 

The New Jersey Education Association, of which I was a member for 33 years, has also been asked to join the people. 

All mayors of Cape May County, including the county commissioners, have been asked to join the people. 

National polling clearly shows that we the people want term limits for Congress: 85% of Republicans and 79% of Democrats. 

Democracy is defined as a political system in which the people have supreme power. 

What elected official will step up and be the champion of the people? 

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