Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Voters should know more about those who would seek to represent them. That includes town, county, state, and federal offices.

What education background does the candidate have? Just as you would seek to have any “professional” who you look to for assistance, you would want to know how much education that person has. It is a measure of competency.

The business of government is as complicated as any business, with elements of both legal and financial concerns, as well as effects on the community and citizens.

What legislative/managerial experience does the candidate have? Having substantial experience with contracts and legal documents, as well as management, is necessary background to be effective in representation.

Someone who has held elective office and has a parallel background in other fields, such as education, business, or healthcare might, because of a broader experience, be more qualified than someone with little experience.

Simply supporting common goals is not enough to qualify for office. Those who do not have the experience, education, and knowledge most times will follow direction from political party leadership instead of leading themselves.

What success has a candidate had in government? What legislation did the person draft and what was passed?

What laws did the person change for the good? What is their record?

Occupying an elective office by “getting along” is not enough. We need leadership, not the echoes of party bosses.