Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor:

Our national politics are a reflection of what we do locally. Just as our congressman was a municipal mayor, county freeholder, state assemblyman, and state senator before he went to Washington, such is the path for most lifelong politicians.

If we're not happy with many of our nation's leaders, we need to take a good look at what we're doing in our backyard. As of late, we tend to ignore our best interests by fully embracing partisan politics, yet the two-party system is our only opportunity to create checks and balances to this failing system.

Our current freeholder embarrassment and the continuing, disgraceful character assassinations by Team South Jersey (Legislature) are directly attributable to the partisanship in play now.

We are fortunate to have excellent candidates to begin re-framing our political picture. For our Legislature, we can bring in Mike Testa, Jr., a respected professional, to be our state senator.

The negative campaign launched against this man hints at his potential to disrupt the status quo. To foster a balance of power, we should leave Matthew Milam and R. Bruce Land in the Assembly.

The mess that is our freeholders can be turned around by bringing Elizabeth Casey and Joyce Gould to this embarrassingly dysfunctional, yet extremely important panel. In Middle Township, Mike Clark needs to be re-elected to avoid one party's total dominance.

Once again, let me remind you of the cost to the community when politicians act without oversight. The rampant nepotism of a one-sided freeholder board has incompetents in control of our tax-based services throughout Cape May County.

Most often their only credentials are an influential family member picking up their slack. We pay them hefty salaries to bring their failed philosophies to our government.

With the new candidates in front of us, we have a unique opportunity to begin the change our community so desperately needs.