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This proposal is based on information obtained by two members of the Cape Issues Group, Joe McDevitt and Mike Keaney regarding the reconstruction of Sea Isle Boulevard. This project was started several years ago and is slated for completion around 2020.

As this is the only road from the mainland into Ludlam Island, traffic has been redirected into two lanes on the south side of the roadway. The north side of the roadway has been raised some 4 to 5 feet as part of the plan to raise the entire road.

A major impediment to the completion of the project is the location of three Osprey nests close to the south side of the roadway. Laws restrict construction activity during the active osprey nesting season of April 1 to Aug. 31. Removal of inactive nests can be accomplished only between Sept. 1 and March 31.


The goal of this proposal is to establish a partnership between the Sea Isle City Chamber of Commerce and Revitalization and the Sea Isle City Taxpayers Association to develop and implement an approved plan to move the existing nests thereby allowing construction on a 12-month basis.


To implement this plan, the partnership will:

1.    Obtain assurances from all involved agencies that the relocation of the existing nest will allow road construction on a year-round schedule.

2.    Meet with the state Division of Fish and Wildlife to develop a plan to locate the three existing nests at least 1000’ south of the existing roadway.

3.    Ask the Division of Fish and Wildlife to identify nine additional sites for the placement of new Osprey nest platforms.

4.    Provide the plans and materials to Scout Troop 76 (Sea Isle City) for the construction of the platforms.

5.    Arrange for a professional carpenter to instruct and supervise the Troop in the construction of the platforms.

6.    Develop an approved timetable for the placement of the existing nests and new platforms.


The existing timetable for the completion of Sea Isle Blvd. is unacceptable when viewed in terms of the traffic hazards that the existing road forces the public to endure. The state Division of Fish and Wildlife estimates the cost of materials for an Osprey nest platform to be less than $150.  

Therefore, the public must realize that this hazardous traffic condition exists because someone in our government thought an expenditure of $2,000 was not worth it.

Please allow the public to buy the materials, construct and place the platforms, and remove a very hazardous traffic situation.

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