Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

It is very sad that the element coming to Wildwood is not family friendly.

We have underage drinking and drug use and loud music from cars and those walking the streets day and night. Not only is it loud, but foul.

The events that the town is sponsoring don’t help the image. I know the state is responsible for some of the events, but the town should have a say.

There is a blatant disrespect for authority and people in general. Perhaps if Wildwood would enforce some of the laws, i.e., bikes, animals and electric bikes on the boardwalk, and noise ordinances, just to name a few, this would be a deterrent.

Wildwood, or "Childwood," as some call it, is the place where anything goes. We taxpayers should have a say.

I feel I am preaching to the "choir." Is anyone in authority listening?