Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Over the years, I have used this medium to express my dislike for many things. With so much negativity being conveyed today, I will do my best to keep this message positive. Still, I'm not sure if I'm off to a good start by saying I like Ike, but I like Quanette better. It's really hard for an old dude to change his ways. I am trying.  

I have a history with Ike, through his father. Ike's dad and I grew up together, with our paths crossing often enough to get us both in trouble. Ike and I have chatted about some of these adventures, as did he and his dad. Just like his dad, Ike is a nice guy. Ike is not here to upset the apple cart. That is exactly why I like Quanette Vasser-McNeal better for Middle Township Committee.  

Our community has a very serious issue with homelessness. Our representatives are refusing to confront the issue because they don't want to tarnish our image as a vacation destination. Originally, there may have been some legitimacy to this thinking. Unfortunately, because we are the only county in the state without a homeless shelter, we now have a humanitarian crisis.  

Middle Township gets the brunt of this horrific situation. We need someone who understands this and is willing to confront the problem. We need Vasser-McNeal for Middle Township Committee. 

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