Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

If we, Americans, still stand for truth and justice under the rule of law as a democratic nation where the voters decide our future, then President Donald Trump needs a good crack on the knuckles. 

Trump needs to go. Not a week hence, but now. How? 

A petulant, disobedient brat child will only get bolder and threaten to turn the household upside down unless he's disciplined.  

The point is America can't stand to slink back into its old habit of explaining away Trump's increasingly treasonous, brazen, and childish acts with the old, "Well, that's just Trump being Trump." 

More to the point, if a mentally unhinged president is allowed to consistently lie, accuse and stoke lethal violence which led to a coup-like assault on the Capitol, without severe consequences in Congress, all bets are off.  

The president, who, just before orchestrating his bamboozled base's insurrection on Capitol Hill Jan. 6, vowed he'll "never concede," can't be dismissed now that he since has pledged to be a good boy. 

He must face consequences whether it's removal by Vice President Mike Pence invoking the 25th Amendment or a second impeachment. "We the people" unequivocally can't trust that the desperate, mentally unfit president won't inflict more pain, destruction, and death in his final days. 

The unprecedented dark act carried out by thugs at the Capitol Hill building is what happens after not only tolerating but encouraging a "leader" with the constitution of a garden slug for more than four tumultuous, disingenuous, divisive, hateful, brazen years. 

No one should be surprised at what happened. How was Capitol Hill law enforcement not better prepared to deal with the insurrection that Trump explicitly has been fomenting for months? 

For the Black Lives Matter protests at the Lincoln Memorial on the Capitol Hill grounds this past summer, police and National Guard members were fully outfitted in protective military gear. 

Where was the degree of preparation for what social media made clear would be a violent coup attempt on the Capitol Jan. 6, as Congress convened to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory? 

Since before the 2016 presidential elections, I warned in opinions that Trump is "America's most dangerous home-bred terrorist."  

He's proved that ever since. Common sense (remember that?) tells us that Trump is just getting warmed up. 

The writing long has been on the wall in bold, glaring, foreboding letters. Trump must answer for his criminal, treasonous actions before it's too late. We've been warned. 

As President John F. Kennedy said amidst the civil unrest during the summer of 1963 on the very night Mississippi civil rights activist Medgar Evers was gunned down in his driveway by a racist coward: 

"Those who do nothing are inviting shame as well as violence. Those who act boldly are recognizing right as well as reality." 

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