Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

I am responding to Art Hall’s recent column, “Abortion… Even Out of the Womb.” Hall quotes Dr. Albert Mohler regarding the coming day when babies will be killed, even after they have arrived outside of the womb.

This is certainly a tough issue, and the anecdote from Lindsay Werking-Yip was tough reading, where she stated that she is a “Baby killer… but not a monster,” given the likelihood of the child being born with abnormalities.

Mohler's take on her crisis was also tough, but I have to say that if God is the author, why are so many fetuses so fraught with physical defects? I don't think God authored them. I think that maybe they are the result of life on this Earth, which is, of course, the devil's playground.

God doesn't author defective fetuses, nor does he bring cancer, for instance, to mature humans, in my opinion. It just happens.

As author, does he want to bring a baby into the world that only knows suffering, a baby that breaks the hearts and finances of the baby's parents? I think that's something better to ponder than Mohler's too facile assessment that if human dignity is denied anywhere, soon human dignity will be denied everywhere.

I am no fan of the slippery slope argument, which this is; it's too easy to make and usually requires very little thinking. The heartbreaking candor of a lady who explained her choice of abortion deserved much better from Mohler, and since Hall reported it without comment, him too.