Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Long before our Congressman Jefferson Van Drew changed his political party, he touted his membership in the "Blue Dog Coalition." The coalition claimed "Bold Leadership. Commonsense Solutions."  

They still exist today. Their latest effort calls on Congress to investigate the origins of Covid in China and assess the U.S.'s domestic pandemic response.  

I still get "Blue Dog Media" releases, even though Van Drew is no longer a part of that coalition. 

Without doubt, however, it's long past time for a factual, comprehensive, and meticulously researched investigation into this "Made in China" act of aggression against the entire world. 

The chaos, death, destruction and worldwide disruption to every nation on the planet needs to be unraveled... and reported.  

 My money is on the People's Republic of China (PRC) as the culprit. 

Furthermore, if any American dollars, from any American source, for any reason are found to be part of the genesis of Covid, then the American people must be told the ugly truth. 

To assure accuracy, the fact-finding must be bipartisan. The validation and vetting process is vital to make sure, as the song goes, "We don't get fooled again." 

There is much on the congressional "plate." To be sure, the political divide is formidable, but we need real action.  

To all of you in Congress, not just Van Drew, you took an oath. Get to work. 

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