Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

New Jersey voted for Joe Biden hoping that he was a moderate centrist whose 40-plus years of experience and foreign policy experience would make him a far better President than Donald Trump with all his mean tweets. The middle class had hoped he would better their lot. 

What a surprise we got. It seems everything he's touched has turned to dust. 

His Vice President, Kamala Harris has been shown to be a lazy, shallow puppet who is simply biding her time to succeed Joe. She couldn't even be bothered to address the problems at our southern border, supposedly her assigned task. Serious questions addressed to her are met with a giggle and an inane response. 

Under Trump, we seemed to be getting the immigration problem under some control. Biden then goes and opens the border up to all and sundry and creates a mess many times worse than Trump ever experienced. 

The supposedly moderate Biden is caving into the radical left and is proposing to spend like a drunken sailor. His $4.5 trillion "infrastructure" plan for spending on every crazy wish list will create an unserviceable national debt while delivering questionable benefits. The net result will be to send the USA, a former economic powerhouse, down into the class of second-rate economies. 

Trump's spending response to the pandemic was, at best, a moderate but somewhat effective effort. Even though jobs are going begging, Biden tells people to "stay at home and I'll pay you." Actually, it's us, the taxpayers, who are paying people to watch TV. 

The result of all this will be the stagflation we experienced in the 70s with high inflation with prices rising at an alarming rate, but the economy going nowhere. When this happens, as it surely will, who's hurt the most? The middle class. It's always the middle class who are adversely affected by government policies. 

Before Biden, we were well on our way to energy independence. One of the first things Biden did was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. Then drilling on government lands was severely curtailed. Of course, energy prices rise. Who's hurt by this? Naturally, the middle class. Green energy is a long way off. How long before we are going hat in hand to the Arabs? 

Biden has shown his most incompetent self in the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has out trumped Trump in his arrogance and failure to listen to his "experts." He knows more than his generals and defense secretary. He wants to be able to stand sanctimoniously at a 9/11 memorial and say he ended the war in Afghanistan, regardless of the cost. 

The result is the chaos and humiliation we are seeing at Kabul airport as he puts the lives of our military, citizens, and Afghans who supported us at risk. He is negotiating with the Taliban to please be nice and not hurt us with the billions of dollars of weaponry we left at their disposal. He even asked Putin for help. How heart-wrenchingly sad it is that our once proud nation is made to look like a weak, disorganized second-rate power. 

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