Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

As a member of a long-term care facility team, who has fought for over a year to keep our residents safe, I am beginning to see frustration and anger towards myself and my co-workers.   

When this pandemic started, none of us thought we would still be battling this disease over a year later. 

We were overwhelmed and grateful for all the support and kindness shown to us at the start of Covid, and the “new normal” we were enduring.  

We found strength in our family members and community, who embraced us during the loss of our residents, supplied us with PPE (personal protective equipment), and brought us food and small gifts.  

We work hard to keep the morale of staff high through our losses and the residents engaged. We offer all the emotional support we can to our residents, who are sadly missing contact with their families.  

We go home every day exhausted and drained, but we come back the next day to do it all over again.  

We are not seeking praise, gratuities, or fancy titles. What we are asking for is some patience and understanding.  

As the community is having restrictions eased up, long-term care facilities continue to maintain and adhere to stricter guidelines to keep our more vulnerable population safe.  

It is these guidelines and restrictions that seem to harbor the anger and frustration of our residents’ family members, work vendors, and the local community.  

We understand the need and want to see, hug, and kiss your loved one. We know having your temperature taking is old news.  

We know answering the same questions again can be frustrating. We know seeing your loved one through a window is not the greatest visit.  

Let’s not forget the dreaded mask. We know the past year has been difficult for everyone, including ourselves.  

So, before you lash out, speak harshly, wave your arm in frustration, or condemn our practices, remember that we are working really hard to keep our residents and staff healthy.  

Yes, we appreciate that you have been vaccinated, but so have we, both staff and residents. It does not change our restrictions and guidelines yet. We are trying not to lose one more loved one to this pandemic.  

We ask for that patience and understanding, as we sail these uncharted waters together. Know that we continue to work every day to keep our residents engaged, content, healthy, and perhaps even smiling at times. 

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