Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor:

The divisiveness in Washington between the Democrats and Republicans following the Trump “upset” victory in the 2016 Presidential election that has manifested itself in a highly questionable “impeachment” has its roots in more than just partisan rivalry.

The liberal media is as much to blame as those Democrats who, after Trump won, sought to remove him immediately virtually as he took his oath of office.

The expectation of the “continuation” of the Obama Administration by Hillary Clinton was hyped by media as a “sure thing.” Somehow all the polls forecast a Clinton win. Not just a win but an overwhelming broad-based slam dunk win – a landslide.

How could all those polls be wrong? How could all those Washington insiders, who were revered forecasters, be wrong? Maybe they lied. Maybe they just hoped Trump voters would either be no shows or change their minds. But the damage of “high expectations” was done.

The concerted effort to convince voters that Clinton would win created such a false impression that the shock of the loss by Democrats deemed Trump an “Imposter.”

Reporters cried on camera. Celebrities vowed to move to Canada. Others threatened Trump’s life. The media kept feeding the frenzy over and over.

Thus, the merging of the despair of those Democrats who were already “measuring the drapes” and seeing the Clinton gravy train go off into the sunset set in motion the diabolical conditions that occurred.

Collusion by FBI and CIA as well as other “deep state” operations enhanced the divisions in the nation that manifest itself in such hatred that Democrats chose to impeach. Will this backfire? Time will indeed tell. It will however set an extremely dangerous precedent for the future of how partnership will evolve.