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A ladyangler with a good stringer of sea bass.

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Well, it was another decent week, but one that saw questionable weather on Sunday that limited some boats from getting out. Regardless, though, some good fishing occurred prior to that. Let’s check out what occurred. 

The Sailor’s Delight was busy during the week, especially on Friday and Saturday, as they recorded three trips on each of those days. They had a good mix of keepers and shorts, which kept all the anglers sharp, and busy. 

The trips after the weekend produced plenty of flounder with a mix of throwbacks and keepers. The anglers were busy and happy, as they had plenty of action. 

Capt. Andrew posted a video on the boat's Facebook page about flounder fishing in cloudy, back bay waters, which was the result of a rainstorm. It shows that despite poor visibility, fish can still be caught in the rain, which most of us already knew. The lesson learned was that a bright bait used in those conditions will allow the fish to see it and could result in the fish striking your bait. Thanks, Andrew, for the informative video. 

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A happy ladyangler with a nice flounder.

Cathy, over at Sterling Harbor, mentioned that flounder fishing remains “excellent” in the back bays, while flounder are starting to arrive at the Cape May Reef. The evidence of that statement was the “beautiful" 9.1-pounder that Phil Tarasiewicz caught during a weekend jaunt tothe reef.  

While at the reefs, you can fish for sea bass, although the action has slowed. 

Some weakfish are being caught in the back bays and around the local jetties. 

Stripers are also in the back and are hitting whole squid, clam, or top water plugs. 

Drum fishing in the bay continues to be productive but is expected to slow after the full moon. 

Crabbing was good but still hasn’t gotten to the level “where it should be” at this point in the season. Like anything, you need to put your time in. 

Preparations are proceeding for Sterling Harbor's 29th Annual Duke of Fluke Tournament scheduled for July 16. Entry forms will be available soon. 

Grassy Sound Marina reported that Mike Blaskovich came down early one recent morning, fished and ended the day with a 22-inch weakfish and two keeper flounder. He fished Turtle Creek on the outgoing tide and was using Gulp. The results made the trip worth it. 

The Avalon Lady is getting some nice keeper flounder on their morning trips. Most anglers are bringing at least a keeper home, with some getting a couple. One trip had 60 throwback flounder plus sea robins and sharks that added to the action. A highlight to note was the pool-winning 4.8-pound weakfish that a lady angler landed. 

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Cindy with her 22-inch flounder.

The Miss Avalon finished up their final deep-water trip for sea bass of the spring. It was a “beautiful day on the fishing grounds,” which means there was plenty of sea bass to clean on the trip home. Sea bass can still be caught, even as the focus changes to flounder and other summer-time swimmers such as triggerfish. Porgies and weakfish can also be caught, so there is no shortage of possibilities. Remember that the Sunday trips are five hours for the price of four and they sail at 8 a.m. 

The Starfish is sailing for sea bass and soon for flounder. You can call for updates or book your trip online at 

First Fish Adventures, led by Capt. Zig, was out fishing for stripers, and had success while fishing with Capt. Paul Jr. and Paul III. 

A trip that targeted tuna but saw none, then found success with double-header sea bass, triggerfish, and tog (released). On that trip, Bill Hamilton joined in while Paul III took the day off. 

Finally, a mid-week trip for the Carl Vassia family produced plenty of short flounder but also included a nice 22-incher that Cindy caught. It was destined for the dinner table. 

Boulevard Bait and Tackle reported that drum fish and striped bass continue to be caught from the local inlets, beaches, and surf. In addition to catching some small weakfish, an angler named Kevin was able to catch 19 kingfish, as they recently “invaded” our area. 

The fluke action, per Capt. Chuck from the Sea Star III, is “heating up.” They saw plenty of keepers in both the slot-size category and fish over 18 inches. In fact, the first limit under the new regulations went to Bob Costello. Keeper-size sea bass are also being caught during the trips to the local reefs. Frank Servocky won a daily pool with a 1.5-pound sea bass. 

Other daily pool winners, all with fluke, were Brian Parker (2.8 pounds), David Ranieri (4.25), and Bob Monroe with a 4.5-pounder. 

Christopher Robertson won an evening pool when he caught a 49.46-pound drum fish. 

The Miss Chris checked in and mentioned that they are running their two trips each day whenever the “weather cooperates.” They were catching sea bass with a mix of throwbacks and keepers. 

Flounder arrived late in the weekend and allowed Rich Hogan (19 inches) and Justin Pitts (18.5 inches) to walk away with the pools from their respective trips. 

Cape May Bait and Tackle reports a strong flounder bite in the back bays, with mackerel strips, Gulp and squid being the top baits. Capt. Bob V. was among those who landed a nice keeper. 

Some striped bass are still in the area and those fishing during the night are catching fish in the 24 to 35-inch range. They are using clam and bunker as bait. 

Finally, weakfish have been caught around the Cape May jetties and are finding bloodworms to their liking. 

Jim’s Bait and Tackle had to cancel their tuna tournament, originally planned for June 18, due to the forecasted offshore winds. They are looking to reschedule it to this weekend if conditions allow. You now have a few extra days to get in if you wish. 

There was plenty of action this past week, and there promises to be much more. Good luck getting your share of it, take care, and I’ll see you around. 

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