Maher, Matthew

Matthew Maher.

I hope you will please indulge me since, as a first-time father, a whole new world has been opened up to me. New eyes to see our world, from a child’s perspective. I find my heart stirred, in ways I never thought possible, when I see our little Willow smile, grasp my finger, or lay soundly on my chest. The wonder and innocence of a baby has resurrected a new fire in me for the awesomeness of my creator, God. It is through this exuberance that I penned the following prayer poem to my Savior, Jesus Christ, as I relate to my sweet daughter’s helpless dependence upon me.

Through the eyes of a baby, I wonder if the world looks hazy. I wonder if the world’s pain is felt, or if a baby knows that sin is the hand they've been dealt. I doubt they know, as their little eyes reveal a clear and clean window. Not tainted yet by the filth of the world - "Oh Lord, please let us see with the innocent eyes of a baby boy or girl."‍

Do you remember being a child and reaching out to the parents who made you? Well, that's what child-like faith is - when you reach out to the only Savior who can save you. Yet, it seems as if “growing up” gets in the way of faith, and because we can now walk on our own two feet, sadly, we no longer need the hands of grace.

Think about it.

As children, we use to love being picked up. It was a place where no worries were known.

As adults, it seems as if we are held down by worry because we “love” doing life on our own - “Oh Lord, forgive us for making matters complicated and hard to stand, so please grant us the legs of faith that make life simple again.”‍

Let’s do something about it.

It’s time to mature by becoming a child. For even Jesus said, “Such is the kingdom of heaven, where anyone can be reconciled.”

We need to see this world through the eyes of an infant again because, from that perspective, heaven really doesn't seem that distant.

ED. NOTE: Maher is the teaching pastor at Coastal Christian Ocean City and is the president of Soldiers For Faith Ministries. Social media and website: @TruthOverTrend.