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Matthew Maher

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This year has been one crisis after another, where God exposed us with the intent of humbling us. 

The political solutions (or lack thereof) that so many rely on to change the course of our country can do nothing to transform hearts. They may reform or deform society, depending on the policy being promoted, but every Bible-believing Christian knows it is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can fill the hole in the soul and heal a land out of control. 

The sad irony is that the remedy needed is the same one being resisted. Nay, not just resisted, but rebelled against and pushed out of the public square.  

We are a nation divided because the church is silent, especially on matters that warrant a response, like when a party platform for a president reflects the reprobate minds and godlessness of Romans 1, and yet, “Christians” are more focused on hating President ______ (fill in the blank because even saying his name invokes irrational rage). Also, like when Black Lives Matter (the organization) is selling lies and inciting riots, and yet, “Christians and churches” are supporting such violence. Silence is violence, right? Unless that silence is towards abortion and those without a voice because then it’s not “silence or violence” but is instead “a woman’s choice.” 

Why are so many bowing to such unbiblical narratives? It's because it’s easier to fit in with the culture than to get canceled by vultures, like when a virus, with 99% survivability for most ages, is treated like the bubonic plague, which, by the way, would kill everyone who contracted it, the majority within the day. Yet, churches shut down in the name of “loving thy neighbor,” as if that act of general “kindness” would introduce anyone to the Savior.  

However, you can’t love your neighbor without first loving God. It’s love for Him first and most that would have any Spirit-filled pastor open his church, like when “separation of church and state” is thrown in a pastor’s face because “Christians” have believed the lie that faith should be isolated from the public space.  

To say “politics do not belong in the pulpit” is to say “God doesn’t belong in government.” That's wrong, and to believe otherwise is dancing to the devil's song. His goal is to silence and sideline the church, get believers to stay in their bubble, and neglect being the salt of the earth. 

We are getting what we deserve because judgment starts in the Lord's house and works its way out to the world. Yes, this has been a year of division, but more so a year of separation - dark from light, truth from lies, and true believers from self-deceivers. It’s never been clearer. 

I don’t apologize for my candor, and I don’t fear man’s attempt to slander or censor. I know the word of God, and I love the God of the word. He is my judge and jurymy savior and defender. 

To those calling themselves “Christians” and believe what the marxist, mainstream media is feeding you, biblical love is being willing to tell you the truth, and the truth is either you don’t have the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit doesn’t have you. With that, cue the hateful comments that some of you are ready to spew. 

“God have mercy on us as we have made a mockery out of Your favor, and forgive us for being silent in areas where biblical truth matters.” 

ED. NOTE: Maher is the teaching pastor at Coastal Christian Ocean City and is president of Soldiers For Faith Ministries. Social media and website: @TruthOverTrend 

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