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Why should we stop buying Chinese products? Because their leaders don’t have our welfare in mind – far from it.  

Let me make a distinction upfront. Our beef is not with the Chinese people, it is with the Chinese Communist Party leadership, which has the Chinese people under its thumb, and is on a 100-year march to subjugate the rest of the world. 

If this sounds like an extremist view to you, well you may be right, but the more I read, the greater my fears grow. Since 1949 the Chinese Communist Party has been developing plans to increasingly communize their own people, and over time, the rest of us. I don’t have time to go into that here, but encourage you to do your own reading on that subject.

My intent here is to call attention to the needless suffering we and the rest of the world are enduring because of the cruelty of the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of Xi Jinping. We know a man cannot prevent viruses from occurring, but working cooperatively, we can mitigate their impact upon the human race. To do so calls for a humanitarian concern for the welfare of our fellow man. That concern is demonstrably absent in the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. 

He sat on the initial warnings coming out of Wuhan, and pressured the World Health Organization to do the same. He did so until he could no longer contain the deadly consequences of his efforts of suppression. It is becoming widely reported that even if he had acted only a few weeks earlier, the impact of the virus could have been reduced significantly.

It is unimaginable; the lives of thousands of people could have been saved, and trillions of dollars in economic destruction could have been avoided. 

Mankind is admonished, that whenever a catastrophe occurs, to look for the silver lining and the lessons to be learned. The silver lining here is that this catastrophe has the potential to wake us up, out of our stupefied state of thinking that we can somehow work with this communist machine – we cannot. 

They rule their people with an iron fist – the largest nation in the world, over four times America’s population, is held under their heel. The power this evil regime now exercises over 1.4 billion people has caused them to believe that their 1949 plan is attainable. 

What are we to do in response? The armies they are building up, the aircraft carriers they are constructing, the inexpensive 5G network gear they are exporting, the artificial islands they are militarizing in international waters, are being paid for through the profits on the products which they are selling. We are providing the bullets for the guns which they are increasingly pointing at us. We are helping them construct the shackles by which they will enslave us. We only need to look at the tyranny, the savagery, the evil in the hearts of world leaders of the last century to realize what the quest for power does to the human mind. 

Back to the question, what to do? A couple of things for starters: 1. Read about the Chinese Communist Party and their leader, Xi Jinping. 2. Stop giving them your money. 

PS: After my wife, Patricia, proofread this column, she asked me, “Do you realize how very difficult it would be to not buy Chinese things? So much of our clothing, children’s toys, for that matter, everything we buy is made there.” 

In reply I said, “Somehow we have to get there – a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”