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After considerable prayer, my husband and I moved across these many United States from the great northwest to Ocean City.  It was 1987 and we were in our mid 30s at the time. We trusted God was in the move east but truthfully it wasn’t easy starting over here with our families and friends far away.  Even so, it has been an adventure and a joy.   

One of the things that confirmed our move was the right one is that we have found a particular joy in being residents of Cape May County.  In our now-many years here, we have experienced a variety of activities and events around the county with each drawing flavor from their particular locale.  

One unique and fun event that sticks in my mind was the time we attended the hometown Christmas parade in Lower Township, where we watched the parade from our pickup truck parked on the side of the road, side-by-side with other families also staying warm in their vehicles. I would urge anyone to get out and try at least one of the local holiday parades this year to brighten up your season. 

I also fondly remember a particularly wonderful talent show held in a community building, which I attended with a teacher friend of mine because one of her students had invited her. I was actually quite surprised at the high quality of local talent and enjoyed it immensely.   

These many years later, I still remember a well-sung and cleverly revised rendition of Sitting on The Dock of the Bay,” which reflected the muddy situation of a nearby Delaware beach. Yes, indeed we have found that Cape May County is a good place to live and to retire – not that retirement is not living - it is just living at a much more relaxed pace.  Now, both my husband and I have even more time to enjoy the local-life events around us. 

As I contemplate our time spent in Cape May County, I remember almost all of it with a rosy hue.  I am hoping everyone reading this column has enjoyed living here, too, and if not, I encourage you to pay particular attention to the events held in our county in the ‘off-tourist months’ as that is when our communities let us join in on the real fun - many times for free.   

One of the most enjoyable things I do every week is to sit down with my Herald and read about what has happened and what is scheduled to happen. I already miss Pastor Rudy’s column and that is why I thought I would make an attempt to share some of my everyday life with you as he did.  I pray you find this attempt to be entertaining, close to the heart, and possibly soul changing.  I plan to share some tidbits on life and my thoughts and stories on the many blessings God has graciously granted to my husband and me.   

This past month, we got to share Cape May County again with a relative who had not had the opportunity to visit us before.  My husband’s brother, Jim, and his wife, Sue, flew in from Seattle – masks and all.  It was a rough time for Jim, as he had just been cleared for traveling after some very prolonged cancer treatments.    

The long flight and the masks made the first few days here a time of physical recovery and not days for sightseeing. We knew the trip would be hard on him, so we purposely made the stay a bit longer than usual, so we could enjoy some ‘good’ days with him.  We did, too.  

When Jim was feeling up to the trip, we left O.C. and headed down to Sunset Beach to see the concrete ship.  To our amazement and my sister-in-law’s exuberant joy, there were pelicans sitting on the ship just offshore.  Thanks to the pay-for-view binoculars on the shore, she was able to see pelicans for the first time in her life.   

I cannot tell you how much fun we had for that quarter investment.  For as many times over the years as we have taken people to Sunset Beach, this was our first time ever to see pelicans.  I believe it was a special treat from God to a woman who has been taking care of her ill husband for many months.  What a joy our gracious God is that He can make a day so very special.   

If you, too, believe in the God of Heaven, I would ask you to look out this week for those moments in your life that God is blessing you.  The blessings add up quickly, so you might want to write them down as a reminder for those days when the blessings seem less abundant.  The many memories and assurance that He is with you will get you through those more hectic and less observant days, as you review and ponder on them. 

I look forward to reaching out to you with this column on a regular basis and ask God to give you a special peace and joy today, especially if you start intentionally recognizing His blessings in your life.  May He show Himself to you today! 

Amy Patsch writes from Ocean City. 

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