Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Clearly, Americans believe that, and that’s the reason we devote so much of our lives to it.

I was shut in this past weekend because I literally felt in my body like a truck not only ran me over, but it backed up again to finish the job. I had pain where I never thought pain existed.

Fight. Struggle. Battle. War. Confrontation. If you're just plain tired of reading those words in the daily news, then there are two of us.

My right leg has been giving me pain for a couple of weeks. It started in the knee, then down into the calf, and now my ankle has begun to swell a little.

I know I suffer from “separation anxiety.” I do not handle the departure of loved ones very well.

About 20 years ago, I led a clinical supervision group for colleagues who were seasoned psychologists. As did I, they taught at local universities and did therapy with clients.

Real love is in short supply in our world today. Whenever I see adults mistreating children, it raises my blood pressure and causes me to say something to attempt to defuse a potential bullying situation.

When the U.S. voted to bring isolated and economically poor China into the World Trade Organization (WTO), the hope was, China would become a thriving and interdependent member of the family of nations, thus fostering world peace and prosperity.

It was Sept. 18. The sun was semi-beaming in Rio Grande. The weather forecast claimed we were to have showers and thunderstorms, a remnant of Hurricane Florence.

The vacuum cleaner was full to the top with a summer’s worth of under-the-bed dust bunnies. There was very little time for thorough cleaning – just “a lick and a promise” as my mother used to say about the quick pick-ups before company comes. That meant “a promise to do it right later” and a quick lick now that made things tidy.

Fundraising. It's a word that sends chills up many spines and churns many stomachs. Whether it's a religious institution to which we belong that needs money to operate or some other venture, as in youth sports or other activities, the need for dollars is real.

I believe that there is a yearning deep down inside every single heart that genuinely longs for a world of rich Technicolor in the midst of the surrounding black-and-white daily existence.

Whether it is season of life or just life in general, I seem to consistently feel as though my bandwidth is tapped. Even as we have grown as a church and hired more staff, life is always more than enough to keep us busy.

“I don’t know what I'm afraid of. I just know it is scary to imagine this bay being flooded from Hurricane Florence." Jennifer sat with her face pointed towards her lap and used her therapy to deal with her fear of upcoming storms.

At the beginning of September was my dad’s 75th birthday and at the end of August was my 37th. It just so happened, that right as these birthdays were happening, and summer was winding down, I read Psalm 90.

This past Saturday, we held a memorial service for an incredible woman of faith, Doris Fisher.

If I were a teacher of some sort I would teach the students many things, none of which are taught today.

I started to title this column, “So Long, Summer,” but then thought, Oh no, the chambers of commerce will get on me for that, saying, "Don’t say summer is over, we still have nice weather here well into the fall, with more and more to do, and ever more people coming down to enjoy it." They are right, of course, so I changed it.

Our grandson, Collin, worked here at the Herald this summer and has now returned to college. While here, he wrote columns which appeared in the space on this page which I again occupy.

It's been three decades for me at the Herald. Having spent eight and a half years at the Gazette-Leader, I saw the Herald as a step forward.

I have been reading the Bible on a pretty regular basis since 1975. The one thing that constantly keeps me on my toes is that no matter how many times I have read the Scriptures; there is always something new to see for a heart that is open to the Lord.

“But pastor, we are married in the eyes of God.” Over the years, I have heard this argument used to justify not getting legally married so that someone could keep their health benefits or even finagle the system to still receive assistance from an ex.

It is certainly frustrating when God brings you to an impossible impasse. These are situations in life that your hands cannot handle, even though you so desire to be able to fix them on your own.

A recent New York Times editorial suggested I, as a reader, quit talking about politics with others.

Labor Day already? How can it be? Weren't we just gearing up for the Memorial Day Weekend? Where did summer go?

Any gardener knows that if they want their tree (or in this case vine) to bear really healthy fruit, they need to trim it. 

Most of us are familiar with the story of the "Mutiny on the Bounty." Many have at least seen one of the two film versions of the story.

We’ve been talking about being busy all summer. I have received more feedback than normal via emails, text messages, and regular conversations about how much many of our readers have resonated with the things that we’ve been talking about each week.

The more you get to know somebody; several things will happen. One of the best things is that when you invest the time, you learn their story. We all have a story. And there is no greater sin than to keep a story that was meant to be lived out in light, lost in the dark.

"That's my mommy!" shouted a small child from the sea of people Aug. 15. It resounded at the graduation ceremony of the 55th Practical Nursing class at Cape May County Technical School. Of course, it produced some laughs and a red-faced mother on stage, but it was heartfelt and filled with love.

I remember listening to the news in 2008 with my father; whenever “global warming” or “climate change” was brought up, he was quick to tell me that it was essentially nothing but a scam cooked up by President Obama to grab more control than the federal government was supposed to possess.

The Hebrew lunar calendar is in the month of Elul. For Jewish people, it is the time for spiritual renewal and self-introspection. The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is only days away. One cannot know what one can accomplish in the year ahead without knowing the powers and temptation inside our own heart.

China… In senior year of high school, the funniest thing on earth was to whisper in an unsuspecting victim’s ear that C-word, in that drawn-out New York accent we all know so well.

A vast majority of Americans will say that they believe in God, yet our American church attendance would not give evidence to that reality.

As I see it, there are a few basic rules for a great family vacation. They sound simple, but goodwill goes a long way to creating success.

It is time to wake up and rise up we Men of God and be done with the things that are futile and passing away.

In childhood, my mother and I would sometimes travel by train to visit my grandmother in Astoria, N.Y. It was easy to do back then. We would board the train in Court House about 6:30 a.m., get off at Haddonfield and wait for the Atlantic City train headed to North Philadelphia.

As with so many things, education is a hotly political topic. The question is never as simple as “How can we get the best education for kids?” It becomes a series of questions that on the surface have very little to do with kids at all.

A good rainstorm is one of the most calming things in the world. Sometimes I look out my bedroom window and think, “Man, I really should go for a run today.” But on rainy days, that guilty thought is followed by “Well, it’s raining, so I can’t run even if I wanted to!”

Back in the summer of 1975, when I was a sophomore in high school, my family moved from Chester, N.J. to a nearby town of Peapack.

One of the most popular television channels is the Food Network, which features 24 hours of programming about food preparation, food competition, and everything you always wanted to know about food.

Life is good. That is an oft-quoted saying when we feel things are going smoothly and there are no storms or darkness impeding our path.