"Hey Randy, I’m calling to let you know this is a great time to run up to the farm and catch all those big bass you have been catching and throwing back.  The water in the lake is being drawn down and we want to get as many fish out as possible!”

So often, I’m hearing women shouting and marching to “my body, my choice.”

This is the season of graduations, a time of ends and new starts, a time to hope and look back.

So it was June 6 at the Pre-K moving up ceremony of my granddaughter Sheilla Clifford from her year at Middle Township Elementary No. 1 before starting kindergarten in the fall. There were four classes on stage at the Performing Arts Center, the Class of 2032.

I decided to do some research regarding the origin of Memorial Day and found that in the nation, it dates back to the end of the Civil War when the national cemeteries were founded, and citizens across America began traditions to pay tribute to the many fallen soldiers (happy day?).

Publisher Art Hall’s remarkable ability to relate the current ominous situation with Communist China’s efforts to dominate the world and warning that “as history repeats itself,” the complacency that permitted the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazis must not be repeated during China’s moves now.

Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, whether you support President Trump or urge his impeachment, as an American it is your civic duty to be knowledgeable of the basic facts contained in the Mueller report.

Head bowed towards his knees, Steve spit out his words as though he wanted to disown the truth they conveyed. “When Arline gets mad, she knows no limits. She wines like a spoiled teenager and scolds me in front of our sons. I feel humiliated.” 

We are not a very patient people. And more often than not, rather than allowing God to conform us into His image, we want the Lord to adjust His will to our “always in a hurry” American cultural ways. Our prayers sound like orders when we demand God to give us what we want exactly when we want it. And if He doesn’t perform for us in “fast food fashion,” then we want a full refund.

Recently I took a brief sojourn to my favorite place in Virginia. I've been there many times, so the route is well established in my brain. This time, however, I was driving, and my car has one of those nifty GPS (global positioning system) devices to help you get where you're going.

Our tensions with China have been a matter of ongoing negotiation for years, but have reached a fevered pitch under President Trump, most notably of late over trade issues. A while back I received a copy of “The Hundred-Year Marathon” from my neighbor, Tony DiSimone, along with a note statin…

In a recent letter to the editor entitled, "Negotiating With China," a writer repeated the litany of right-wing fears and complaints about China. Most of what he said was true but decidedly myopic.

There are growing problems in New Jersey which must be addressed.

I want to thank you darling For the presence of you in my life.

Did you know that most of history has been determined by personal relationships? Last week was Memorial Day and we as a Country are just a week away from commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. One of the biggest moves that actually brought World War II to a close was made solely on the basis of our Secretary of War’s special connection to a city in Japan.

Where should I begin? Well, I guess I’ll start at the beginning where none of this was part of my own vision. Not that I didn’t want what I now have, but I couldn’t see it from where I once was. Please allow me to explain.

In a recent letter to the editor (“Eradicate Abortion,” May 1), it didn’t take the writer very long to get to the real point behind her moral indignation – politics.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), since 1998 an estimated 801 children sweltered to death inside hot vehicles.

Congratulations to Cape May County freeholders on building a jail with over 30% not needed and about $1 million in cost overruns.

In recent months I read a very powerful piece in the New York Times that detailed the last day in the life of President George Walker Bush. It described how in the last week of the President’s life he had stopped eating and was mostly sleeping. 

In December 1964, a song titled “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” began to be heard on the radio. It was a song that would one day become the 20th century’s “most played” love song on the radio. It was performed by two guys from California – Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield; two guys who came to be known as the Righteous Brothers even though they were in no way related.

I wonder what those first women, who decorated the graves of their Civil War husbands and sons, would think of Memorial Day as it is today. 

Mike Voll's letter to the editor, which appeared in the Herald's May 8 edition, was a back-handed, cheap shot at Chief Christopher Leusner of Middle Township Police Department.

I am writing in response to the Cape May Spout Off published in the Herald May 1 regarding Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 386 of Cape May.

A few folks have noticed my withdrawal from local government meetings and editorial pronouncements. Many at the dais are grateful for my absence, especially those with the gavel.

When I was in college in the 1960s, one of my economics professors made the statement: “Education is a strange commodity – the less you give the student, the happier he is.”

Recently, I stocked the Keurig in the office fridge with coffee, decaf, and tea and filled the cupboards with healthy snacks for the many clients who will combine their psychotherapy and retreat work with beach time this summer.

Since Linda Crumbock, the county Municipal Utilities Authority's recycling coordinator told me of the vast waste problem caused by plastic bags, (they can only be recycled at facilities set up for that purpose, not the local MUA), I knew I had to do my part, so I invested in several reusable shopping bags. 

In a May 8 letter to the editor, Mike Voll, of Rio Grande, demanded that our police officers provide, free of charge, on-call traffic control for Middle Township's churches and organizations.

In the wake of the Kate Smith controversy, the New York Yankees stopped playing her rendition of "God Bless America." The Philadelphia Flyers are also no longer playing the song, and even took her statue down due to racist songs that were recently brought back into the light.

May is National Foster Care Month when we shine a light on the nearly 1,000 children and youth living in foster care in Atlantic and Cape May counties and the 13,000 children who face the same fate statewide.

In a recent column, Art Hall suggested that the politically left and right of our national politics should try harder to understand each other.

I ran into Chief of Police Christopher Leusner at a Middle Township Committee meeting and asked why sometimes we have an officer directing traffic at The Lighthouse Church on Sunday mornings after a service and sometimes they don't.

The Avalon Spout Off referring to the “Lone Wolf” candidate for Borough Council was way off base.

Back in October 2018, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that New Jersey’s free community college initiative would be piloted by 13 community colleges in spring 2019.

My mother was a child when Frank Capra’s “Lost Horizon” (based on the 1933 book by James Hilton), hit the movie theaters in 1937. In it, Shangri-La was introduced as this marvelous place where there is no conflict (“Be Kind” was the golden rule), and you pretty much could pursue your bliss, which in turn keeps you young. For someone with a curious mind, it was like being a kid in a candy store.

I couldn’t tell you how many years ago I first heard the term PC, short for political correctness. I am sure that when the expression first came into use, it was intended to be helpful, to aid us all in getting along better.

Do you have an authoritative voice in your life? Is there someone that you trust enough to allow that individual to tell you the truth even when it is difficult to hear?

Some have heard me declare, "I have to get out of the office more often." Being desk-bound these days, it's amazing what has happened around the county when I hit the open road. I'm reminded there's a big world outside the office windows.

On March 29, I carried my crockpot full of pulled pork for about 12 into the car, drove the mile to the Wetlands Institute and added it to a table filled with other homemade delights. That evening, husband John and I enjoyed the substantial pot luck suppers they offer offseason for neighbors and friends.

The trickledown effect of attitudes at any workplace is unavoidable and contagious (negative or positive).

Spring and summer (May-August) are the times when turtles lay their eggs.

“Redact, redact, redact.” The Mueller report debate is making me crazy. But I’m thankful for two American philosophers for getting me through it.

Kudos to Pastor Richard Sterling for correctly assessing the pitiful condition of our churches in his letter to the editor entitled, "The Church Must Wake Up."

The longer I live, the harder my life seems to get and the more disconnected with my surroundings I seem to be.

I find it most remarkable that out of all the ways Jesus could have shown Himself to His disciples after His resurrection, one of the ways He chose was to deploy His wounds.

Recently in the news, it has been brought up that President Donald Trump is trying to speed up seismic air gun blasts throughout the Atlantic. This is a major problem for millions of people because of its negative impact on the environment.