The entire political situation and, indeed, the entire nation seem to be headed on an unusual or frightening path, depending on your level of paranoia.

As our district struggles with unprecedented challenges, our leadership in Congress remains silently complicit with party leadership and unresponsive to our needs.  

During his almost 20 years in public office, Jeff Van Drew has consistently served the residents of Cape May County.

"Scamdemic" is a word I created to describe the reason why I am trembling while I pen this column.

Anyone can celebrate life going right, but the true character test happens when nothing seems to be falling into place.

We are retired and have become involved in politics since then. We worked on Jeff Van Drew’s state senate campaign and his congressional campaign two years ago. 

We have been very fortunate, in the Second District, having two men, Frank LoBiondo, running as a Republican, and Jeff Van Drew, running as a Democrat, tirelessly working to represent everyone in our district.

A newspaper article about privatizing New Jersey's toll roads left me with some questions.  

It is time to institute a toll plaza on Route 55, at the Gloucester County/Cumberland County border, and dedicate those tolls to fixing up existing Cumberland County and Cape May County routes mentioned above.  

Some people elected Donald Trump because they thought the government should be run like a business, but I don’t think they were prepared for the kind of business this guy had in mind.

It was 6:30 a.m. and completely still. There was no wind and no sound of a car traveling along Route 9.

I have written before that the people who run the Democrat Party are people who believe that character doesn’t count, the truth doesn’t matter, nothing is sacred, and only suckers obey the law.

When will stage three of Gov. Phil Murphy’s recovery plan begin? For the past few months, the media has been convincing viewers “how online education is helping students.” 

On October 1 we will experience a 22% increase in the automobile fuel tax, a rise of $0.093 per gallon of gas.

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I find myself running to keep up with this change and other plans that did not quite work out, and when I check with friends, colleagues and clients, I find learn I am not alone.

A wake-up call for county residents; in case you haven't noticed, it is time to fill out the 2020 census.

Bob Jackson is worried, at times, that there is too much government. He considers it a mark of honor that, as mayor of West Cape May, he only exercised his power to unilaterally force something to happen once when in office.

In September 1968, the television show “The Land of the Giants” made its debut on ABC Sunday nights. Before I saw an episode, I already had the official lunch box.

I have been a full-time, year-round resident of Wildwood Crest since 2013. I consider the Crest to be well-administered, maintained, served, and proactive in its governance. 

What can I count on our elected officials (Sen. Booker, Sen. Menendez, and Rep. Van Drew) to do to save the U.S. Postal Service?

Who will stand up for America? Our nation is in big trouble.

I am forced to ask many questions about the current status of COVID-19, and the directives issued by our elected officials concerning it.

If you hate America, then, by all means, leave, but first, turn in your passport and verbally renounce your American citizenship at the American embassy in the foreign nation of your choice.

I played the fence most of my young life, but that divided stance left me torn, and now I refuse to feel torn in any regard and for any reason.

The beginning of a new semester brings excitement and optimism for a fresh start. Although this year, certainly, will be different for several reasons, those feelings remain.

Many years ago, I bought an album by the band Boston, and the second cut on the record was a song entitled, “Peace of Mind.”

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I'm imploring my elected officials, Sen. Booker, Sen. Menendez, and Rep. Kim, to do everything in their power to halt and reverse Trump's assault on the U.S. Postal Service.

“I love Jedd, but we are always together these days. We avoid friends for fear someone will get sick. We love each other, but too much of a good thing is too much."

Be aware that your electric bill is meant to ensure service reliability.

In these perilous and changing times, it is important for all Americans who love this country and its founding ideals to understand the consequences that will surely follow with a Biden presidency.

My family and I trekked down to Wildwood for our annual vacation.

An article, titled "Avalon Considers Bay Park Marina Makeover," informed the Herald’s readers of a plan to spend upward of $6 million for a major makeover for Bay Park Marina, including a new boat ramp and newly updated marina building. 

Like many others in the Cape May County area, we lost power during the recent tropical storm.

We are always thoroughly impressed with Cape May County’s commitment to our nation’s service members year-round, but especially Aug. 4 - the Coast Guard’s birthday.

I love the classic Bill Murray movie “What About Bob?”

A July 29 letter writer claims that "America is on the verge of being destroyed and taken over by the left," that unlike those who "fought in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan against tyranny" the younger generation "know nothing of this great country."

After nearly five months, nothing has changed drastically.