The State of New Jersey passed a law requiring anyone under age 17 riding a bicycle on public roads to wear a helmet. The law was later expanded to include roller skates, skateboards, and inline skates.

In Kevin McKinney's opinion piece Aug. 14, and opinion is what it is, he states Robert Mueller was right and the Russians hacked into our democracy. That’s patently false.

I would like to thank the Herald for presenting the report of the Cape May County 2019 Point-In-Time Count of the Homeless, as completed Jan. 22.

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I almost used the words “gun culture” in last week’s column to describe America’s relationship with firearms. I refrained because using those words means I have a lot of unpacking to do.

It must be my imagination but it seems there have been more overturned vehicle crashes lately than I can recall. Without any scientific research, I'd place a poker chip on the cause of such mishaps: driver inattention.

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For being a sentence long, our Constitution's Second Amendment stirs more heated debate today than any other.

Jesus said that the watching world would know that we are what we say we are not by all the knowledge we could spout off, but simply by our love for him and one another. As important as the brain is to our intellect, it is the heart that is the driving force in our worship of God.

I read with interest Collin Hall's report on NJTV's Climate Change Forum, which was held at Lower Cape May Regional High School July 24. I noted that none of the four panelists were listed as climatologists.

How does a demagogue get to stay president of the United States, unreprimanded, while a Vietnam Marine war hero, fighting for his country after 50 years, is exhaustively disparaged for doing his patriotic duty to protect the homeland?

In regards to the article to revamp Pacific Avenue, I think Cape May County should talk to present and past business owners there.

Mass shootings, drug overdoses, child abuse, elder abuse, homelessness, sexual predators, rapists, carjackings, road rage, children dying in hot cars, murder/suicides, hit-and-run accidents...

Remember comedian Rodney Dangerfield? He made one-liners famous. The one I recall most is, “I get no respect. The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.”

Research tells us that intimacy done well can be good for you and intimacy done poorly can be very dangerous for you. Did you know that caustic, biting language hurled at your partner sends your partner's nervous system into a tizzy?

“Collin, you’re going to get beaten up. You’ve got to grow up sometime, be a man.” This sentiment has passed through my ears so many times that it has morphed into an idiom. I was told that I was too old for my hobbies when I was 10-years-old.

The word translated for Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John, chapter 14 is “Helper” or the Greek word, “paraklētos.” It is this word that we have transliterated into English to form the term “paraclete.”

When Robert Frost took the “path least traveled on” in that proverbial forest, do you think Henry Ford was thinking about that when he borrowed $28,000 to start up what later became Ford Motor Company in 1904, especially, after some of his closest friends reminded him he had already failed twice on some of his “hair-brained” ideas?

Left-leaning writers/socialists charge our Border Patrol with mistreatment. 

I understand questions have been raised in the Herald regarding the status and activities of the Save Our Historic St. Joseph Church Committee.

Let me start by acknowledging some of my observations are certainly influenced by my age. Still, I believe my sentiments are shared by many, young and old alike.

During the offseason, there is only one Advanced Life Support (ALS) response unit which serves all of Cape May, Cape May Point, West Cape May, North Cape May, Erma, Shawcrest, Diamond Beach, Villas, Fishing Creek, Cold Spring, and Town Bank.

As a Democrat, here’s what I’m looking for in someone to run against Trump.

Having failed to destroy our country in the 60’s, the self-anointed elitists on the left and their ideological soulmates in the “mainstream” media in 2008 finally found a pretty face to put on a horrid and oppressive ideology.

I especially enjoyed the July 24 issue of the Herald. The articles on the water supply by Karen Knight, mosquitoes by Collin Hall, and Lake Lily by Jennifer Kopp were well-written, interesting and informative.

In October 2017, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations which accused him of using his position of power within show business to gain sexual favors from women working for him, the female population from all over the world have been coming forward about their own horrible experiences of very real sexual harassment.

The Bureau of Economic Affairs announced in June that the U.S. trade deficit on goods with the world jumped for the first five months of the year. 

For a century, Middle Township was used as a dumping ground for the local seashore communities. Our township deals with the major headaches which have been caused by dumping, both legal and illicit.

“Our president is a president, not a king” is a sentiment I heard countless times during the Obama presidency.

Recently, I found an injured bird in distress in my driveway. I immediately called State Police and they said they would reach out to someone to take care of it.

It's quite easy to have one's mind clouded by the electronic gadgets that vie for attention.

When we look at the world today, we see a culture which has put a distorted filter on men. 

There were some recent comments posted in a social media app regarding an electrical fire at the top of a utility pole in Lower Township. The writer concluded that the township needed to have a paid fire department because the volunteer response was inadequate.

I find it extremely disconcerting that New Jersey continues to face the highest property foreclosure rates in the nation. Despite trends reporting year-on-year improvements, the raw numbers indicate we can be doing much better.

Jeffrey Epstein is morally repugnant, and I don’t know anybody who would disagree. His perversion has not been well-hidden; he has been a registered sex offender since 2008.

As a Christian, I have surrendered my life to Jesus with the humble desire that His will be done to me and through me. I made this decision back in April 1975 and shortly after my conversion experience, I received a calling into full-time pastoral ministry.

In all my decades covering government meetings, the Cape May County Freeholders' meeting July 9 was the worst. It began, as do all their meetings, with a moment of silence. During that time it's assumed a prayer is offered. Heads were bowed, hands were folded; and then the mood shifted from …

The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) has been preserving and promoting the Cape May region since 1970, a true leader in the Cape May Renaissance.

Re: the fire incident in Sea Isle City June 16. I have a shore home in North Wildwood, and as a 44-year fire service member, it’s customary for me to listen to the scanner when I am relaxing at the shore.

As a summer homeowner with no right to vote in this town, I object to the idea of a community pool.

"She's not my type." These words are so horrifying on so many levels.

I love to go to Sam’s Club on sample day.

When we bought a tiny cottage on the marshlands many years ago, we did not know we would have kids and grandkids who would want to visit.

In a column three weeks ago, I lamented the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with my generation’s relationship with the internet.

We have all heard the phrase, “making a mountain out of a mole hill.”