I am the proud daddy of four wonderful children and pop-pop to presently four, but soon to be six grandchildren.

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People started lining up on Sunday to ensure that they would be able to find a seat in the Wildwood Convention Center for President Trump’s visit to Wildwood on Tuesday, Jan. 28. 

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I recently read an article by Professor Victor Davis, who is an historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, which got me to thinking about the fix Europe now finds itself in, brought on by its energy policies, and how we can avoid the same as we consider global warming.

As I have expressed many times in previous letters, I am gravely concerned with the state of the nation. I am even more concerned with its future.

In Publisher Art Hall's writing on the subject of minimum wage, he gave much space to the various negative effects the raising of it could have on the fortunes of employers, but devoted not one sentence to its beneficial impact on workers.

Most of the economic data for last year has been released from the U.S. Department of the Treasury by now, and it looks like the U.S. economy grew at somewhere between 2.5% and 2% in 2019.

There are many uncertainties in life, but one very certain thing is that U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew is not a Republican.

The decade between 1920-1929, known as the Roaring ’20s, featured a time in our nation’s history where economic prosperity was on the rise, setting the stage for the Great Depression and the eventual government takeover of the economy, and ultimately society

Late in November, I sent out the message to all our children and grandchildren that since we would all be together this year for Christmas, we should make a “Family Picture.”

You will never hear me say that being a Christian is easy.

My colleague, Vince Conti, raised objection to my column last week. Believing that others within our community may have similar opposition, I asked Vince if he would be willing to allow me to publish his thoughts, as a guest columnist in my stead; he agreed, and it is posted below.  

Terri sat in a black leather chair across from me to avoid Raymond, who was sitting on the couch. As she spoke of his verbal abusiveness, her tone remained calm.

Ever since the Clinton Administration, I have understood that the people who run the Democrat Party are people who believe that character doesn’t count, the truth doesn’t matter, and only suckers obey the law. It is impossible to maintain a civil society based upon those beliefs.

Representatives of Cape Issues met recently with newly elected State Sen.  Michael Testa (R–1st) to introduce Cape Issues to him and to discuss how he would approach some of the current challenges facing Cape May County.  

S2173 is a bill in the N.J. Legislature that will remove religious exemption to vaccination and strip away the religious freedom of thousands of New Jersey families.

The divisiveness in Washington between the Democrats and Republicans following the Trump “upset” victory in the 2016 Presidential election that has manifested itself in a highly questionable “impeachment” has its roots in more than just partisan rivalry.

Christianity Today's Dec. 19 editorial calling for President Donald Trump's removal from office the day after the president was impeached by the House of Representatives was welcome news.

An open letter from Michael J. Master, DC, MPH, FACFN (Private-Practice Clinician and Epidemiologist) states the following in regards to S2173, a bill that is a threat to New Jersey religious freedom. I want to share it. 

As New Jersey's minimum wage progresses, we continue to see what was always anticipated – businesses making necessary adjustments to afford the cost of their labor. 

Healthcare impact has two components: 1) the direct impact of healthcare jobs and technology on the economy; and 2) the impact of the emerging interest in Social Determinants of Healthcare (SDOH) such as homelessness, jobs, education, transportation, poverty, child care, home healthcare, people released from prison, and food insecurity. 

In December, thousands of concerned New Jersey residents arrived at the State House with their children, in attempt to make their voices heard.

“Healthy people 2020” is an agenda to vaccinate all Americans, adults and children of all ages, with whatever the government sees fit. This agenda is the opposite of something that will produce healthy people. Excessive adverse reactions are listed system by system in the vaccine inserts themselves.

Is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 being abused?

Some people never learn from their mistakes. This is quite apparent with Michael Clark. After his resounding defeat in the November election, you would think he would stop calling people names.

Since my Sept. 1, 2019 retirement it's been my pleasure to encounter a good number of folks who told me that they miss reading Compass Points.

A new year and decade started while I was still enjoying the Christmas break. I wish I could have made it last longer.

When Jeff Van Drew ran for freeholder, he was a Democrat. When he ran for state Assembly and state Senate, he was a Democrat. When he ran for U.S. Congress, he was a Democrat.

When did blind allegiance to a political party become the American way? Why do we elect individuals if they can only do what they are told by their party bosses?

As a 35-year homeowner in Sea Isle City and St. Joseph summer parishioner, I am appalled at the venom being spewed at Father Perrault and Deacon Joe Murphy by residents who say they are Catholic. 

After many years on this beautiful earth, I have concluded that we are naturally trusting until we learn otherwise.

Ever gone to court and agreed to a plea deal? The judge asks if you understand that you are giving up your right to a trial and if you made this decision voluntarily. You agree, but was it voluntary?

My name is Bob Stern. I am the chairperson for the City of Beach Haven within the Ocean County Democratic Committee. Other committee members represent towns in Southern Ocean County that are within the Second Congressional District, covering South Jersey.

This year, the third day of Hanukkah will coincide with Christmas. There are differences between the two, which are important and significant.

I am somewhat at a loss to understand the recent actions of many governing bodies on the state and local level.

If the Democratic Party does not endorse Michael Bloomberg as their candidate for president, I predict he will “get his Irish up” and run as an independent.

Mary and Joseph received the astounding news about the arrival of their child by way of the angel Gabriel. 

Christmas is a powerful reminder that what is important in heaven is often unimportant on earth. 

My younger cousin, Clara Noelle, a soon-to-be 4-year-old, is the only member of my family with bragging rights on Christmas since she gets double the presents.

Every year, before Christmas, my husband and I erect two trees: a Christmas tree and a ‘food’ tree.

Years ago, when I was younger and abler, my husband (now deceased) and I helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity - first, in Salem, then in Cape May County and Immokalee, Fla.