Our national politics are a reflection of what we do locally.

I would like to encourage my fellow Middle Township residents to re-elect Middle Township Committeeman Michael Clark Nov. 5.

Imagine someone making decisions without any advice from anyone.

I came across an article the other day by Victor Davis Hanson, a well-known military historian, and author. 

I have been following with interest the breaking story of nepotism in county government.

I write to commend the publisher on his Oct. 9 column, “I’m Frustrated.” He writes of the frustration felt by the Cape Issues group in its effort to improve the lives of our county’s residents.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Fresh Air host families and volunteer leaders in Central and Southern New Jersey.

Considering what’s happening in our country currently, one should seek out the thoughts of famous people, who had a handle on the correct methods of dealing with opposition in a democratic manner.

One of the most beautiful women in the 1940’s was the Hollywood starlet Hedy Lamarr.

Although the words "separation of church and state" do not appear in the First Amendment, the establishment clause was intended to separate church from state. 

At the initiative of South Jersey’s own Congressman Jefferson Van Drew, the House Natural Resources Committee held a field hearing last month on the benefits and challenges of growing New Jersey’s offshore wind industry.

Congress gave outdoor lovers a lot to celebrate earlier this year, with the passage of the biggest public lands package in over a decade, including more than a million acres of new wilderness, the addition of three new national parks and the expansion of eight others.

Before becoming the director of Project HIRE, The Arc of New Jersey’s support employment program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, I worked for the organization as a job coach.

I am writing today’s column from Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been here since Thursday, as I finally attended the annual “Hearties Family Reunion.”

Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian truly is one. Just being informed about God doesn’t result in being transformed by God. Information is not the same as inspiration.

We moved to this fair island in June of 1974 when we had one child and a thick southern accent. One of my earliest memories is of being awoken by an odor so strong, it made me nauseous. Evidently, a family of skunks had nested under our house on Denver Avenue, and there was some dispute among them, which caused a temper tantrum or fright, and the resultant “revenge,” which stayed with us for months.

Kudos to the excellent letter entitled, "Abortion is Murder,” published Sept 18.

It seems that most concede that climate change is happening and happening fast, that human activity has a strong role in it, and that there are probably a lot of downsides.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. There are so many reasons why fall is the superior season, and I’ll name a few of them here.

I know this topic is controversial, and sadly our culture has become so toxic that reasonable debate is drowned out by histrionics and bigoted name calling. I refuse to engage in that.

I know that if you mention the word "abortion,” like it or not, you have lit a stick of dynamite. If someone desires to polarize a room into two passionate camps of strong feelings and cries of emotional angst, just bring up the topic of Roe vs. Wade.

Some will argue that certain passages in the Bible can be clearly taken to mean abortion is a sin.

What is going on over on the east side of the Garden State Parkway in Middle Township?

There continues to be more and more information about how the Communist Chinese regime continues to be problematic for the world's democracies.

A recent spouter asked, “Why are there still no trains to Cape May? They stopped in 2012. We need to get them back.” I couldn’t agree more.

My girlfriend and I recently attended a Phillies-Red Sox game with 40-60 people. Besides Bryce Harper’s ejection and the Phillies losing 6-3, it was the most memorable baseball game I have been to.

I frequently use Exit 9 on the Garden State Parkway to see my mother, who lives at Brookdale. Recently, one of the underground pipes on Bayberry Drive above Shellbay Avenue broke, and a block of the street was closed to repair the damage.

The highlight of the Sept. 11 remembrance proved the repeating of the atrocious words of the Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar; i.e., "Some people did something."

In the public interest, to help protect Cape May County’s unique heritage of exceptional wildlife and plant life in coastal regions, residents of the county have formed The Wetland Preservation Alliance.

Our elected officials vote to support millions of our taxpayer dollars, yearly, to fund Planned Parenthood, whose major business is killing by abortion.

Walk bravely into the night. Nothing is in the dark that isn't there in the light, and you know very well what is there.

The past is tricky. It can appear to look better than it was, especially when you are stuck in an unpleasant present.

Tears in my father’s eyes were as scarce as hen’s teeth. I saw him cry when his mother died and when he and my mother went to Hawaii with us. We visited the memorial site of the USS Arizona.

Brad seemed worried about leaving the therapist he saw in Minnesota. Tall and confident in his career as a human resources manager for a Fortune 500 company, Brad managed to carry himself elegantly despite his constant anxiety, depression, and acid reflux. 

Since childhood, people have told me, “Your age group isn’t old enough to remember Sept. 11, 2001.” Last week, I learned that’s not true for someone I know.

The summer is a time to rest, relax, enjoy the outdoors, and hopefully have time to be attentive to all of nature’s wonders. While in the Poconos this past summer, I was excited to see hummingbirds, shooting stars, and a full moon.

At the end of May, I wrote two columns on the enormous threat China is posing for America. I reviewed how their unfair and deceptive trade practices put us into increasing peril.

What’s with people not being able to tell the truth? It has become so bad in our society that an individual could be caught red-handed, plainly guilty, still in the act of the crime and yet before anyone blinks an eye, the excuses start flying trying to convince all onlookers that no wrongdoing had ever occurred.

Many consumer products were originally intended for a special purpose and then later became popular for other reasons.

None of this is meant to detract from the many worthy public employees of our area. They are truly victimized by the nepotism long plaguing Cape May County.

Awake or asleep nightmare is your only name Inwardly and outwardly you are there, don’t you have somewhere else to go?