As the food drive coordinator for the annual Postal Christmas Food Drive, I wish to thank all of our postal patrons, whose generosity of non-perishable food donations made this food drive another huge success.

I am responding to Art Hall’s recent column, “Abortion… Even Out of the Womb.” Hall quotes Dr. Albert Mohler regarding the coming day when babies will be killed, even after they have arrived outside of the womb.

Cape May County has provided public transportation since 1976. Since then, bus routes have not changed.

I have supported Sen. Jeff Van Drew from the first time he ran for freeholder.

I want you to think about at least one song that gives you the blues at Christmas time. What yuletide carols expose the emptiness and loneliness that you feel inside?

I received a call the other day from a young college student, asking if she could interview me, because she was writing a paper for her entrepreneur class, and her father suggested that she call me

This is a “thank you” to people I’ve never met, never will, and yet they are literally a part of my life. Thanks to you all, I am here this Thanksgiving holiday.

In the past, I have observed that it is not the voters, but those who don't vote who are responsible for the outcome.

Some media state that many of us are confused and can't follow the impeachment inquiry hearings.

As the holiday season approaches, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the people of Cape May who participate in Operation Fireside. 

I took part in Jeff Van Drew's telephone town-hall event Nov. 21. The event was a chance for constituents to ask questions via the phone or email.

This Thanksgiving, your mission is to be grateful.

After the football teams from Holy Spirit and Atlantic City high schools played their annual Thanksgiving Day game two years ago, I walked onto the field embracing the painfully frigid air, walked to my former coach, Bill Walsh, hugged him, and cried.   

Anybody who has been in America for more than a day knows we are facing significant social and political problems, the likes of which we haven't seen for a long time.

Through the eyes of a baby, I wonder if the world looks hazy. I wonder if the world’s pain is felt, or if a baby knows that sin is the hand they've been dealt.

Merry Christmas. No, it’s not too early. Like it or not, another season to celebrate nativity is knocking at our door, and it is still the most wonderful time of the year to point people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

One of my favorite Bible stories occurs in the book of Genesis, when we find Jacob (the third of the Jewish patriarchs) laboring tirelessly to win the hand of Rachel.

My love for trains and model railroading, especially in Cape May County, was as bright as a cloudless day at the beach. It was so bright, that members of my family, particularly my mother and uncles, would hope that my days of loving trains would be made dreary by one cloud if not many.

The authors of a recent letter to the editor propose that electrical generation by greenhouse gas emitters must be replaced by “zero-emission” sources, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal, and that there are health and safety concerns posed by nuclear power plants.

New Jersey’s beaches are a beloved network of ecosystems that welcome tourists from all over the country each summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend, throngs of locals and vacationers flock to the shore to enjoy long days under the sun and take wonder in the many attractions of coastal nightlife.

Several years back, our friends, Jeff and Nancy Vecere, introduced my wife, Patricia, and me to the Briefing by Albert Mohler, which presents the daily news from a Christian perspective. 

Shortly after World War I, Japan began to lay claims to island nations in Micronesia and started to develop its military and naval forces. By 1923, the situation became such that the U.S. felt concerned because of our holdings in Guam and the Philippines.

It is sad that the Republican Party is telling Americans we can’t afford Medicare for all. Why can every other industrialized country in the world have a similar plan for free health care if it’s so terrible?

I am troubled because over the past two years, Adam Schiff has been in the public saying he had proof of President Trump's wrongdoings. He lied several times.

I am both appalled and infuriated by the roadway political signs that are nothing more than visual pollution and highway litter.

If anyone has been following along with the opinion section of the Herald over the past month or so, I’m sure you saw a few exchanges between me and Publisher Art Hall. The topic was regarding police activity within the county and somewhat merged into a disagreement, of sorts, between Hall and me.

When 67-year-old carpenter Russell Herman died, his will included several lavish bequests.

My wife, Patricia, asked me last week what I intended to focus my column on this week. Before I could answer, she told me she thought I should write on this past election cycle and all the junk mail on local elections we received daily.

Art’s uncle, Ray, had a smile as wide as the Texas skies that he grew up under.  I have been thinking of him as Veterans Day approaches, and Art is reading the handwritten memoirs that Ray wrote in his eighth and ninth decades. He died at age 97.

Halloween may be over, but not everyone has taken their masks off. Every day, too many human beings don’t realize how much they put on a show with every minute that ticks by.

The Oct. 23 cover page article on New Jersey's power generation, written by Bill Barlow, was excellent.

With all the turmoil going on in Washington, U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew stands tall in the fact that he gets it.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law a fine in state income taxes that fines taxpayers for not having health insurance to lower insurance premiums in North Jersey, similar to the famous Obamacare fine on federal taxes.

The first two albums I bought with my own money were Beatles records.

What is it about us humans that causes us to want to be some place else rather than our same ole place?

I was disappointed to learn that my union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, was supporting the Democrat candidates for freeholder.

The next presidential election is over a year away. Not surprisingly, there are many unanswered questions, contentious issues and important decisions before American voters to sort out. There is time, however.

Michael Clark has finally dipped his hand into the Democrat cesspool and drew out a handful of liberal, Democrat hate and innuendoes.

Joyce Gould and the local Democrat Party have brought the slime and divisive politics we see on the national stage here to Cape May County.