I generally don’t enjoy shopping. When necessary, I go to the store, get what I need, and leave to do things I enjoy.

The calendar says August and the hot, humid weather backs that up. The up-and-down water temperatures seem to contradict that, though. Fishing is good one day and then slows for a day or two before experiencing another good, but abbreviated, stretch.

At a Cape May City Council meeting July 19, a representative of the city’s Taxpayers Association called on the governing body to act regarding the distribution of over $100,000 in Affordable Housing Trust Fund monies in bonuses to six city employees in 2020.

A president who was elected because people thought of him as a moderate centrist who would benefit the middle class has demonstrated he is the real culprit in the crushing inflation that is now terrorizing that same middle class.

Forty years ago, the lane that ran behind the bar was mostly known to locals, with few homes and small campgrounds. It provided a nice alternative to Route 9, especially in the busy summer months.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in a case originating in New York, which has opened the door for law-abiding citizens to carry a gun in public for protection. 

I often feel truly blessed by God in so many ways because I stand in awe at the wonder of His grace to me.

Well, we made it through the recent hot and humid weather. Even though the temperatures were hot, the fishing action, unfortunately, didn’t mirror it.

Over the past two years, the debate in our schools has shifted from critical race theory and diversity, equity and inclusion to sex education and gender identity. But these issues come from the same legislative act adopted March 1, 2021. Specifically, Public Law 2021, Chapter 32, titled “An …

A workforce problem has been building in Cape May County. We know this and we know many issues contribute to it. Let’s just take a moment and focus on one - the rising cost of housing in the county. 

Thank you for your recent article regarding property tax increases in Cape May County. It is important to note that just as families are struggling to make ends meet due to record rates of inflation and ridiculous prices at the gas pump, governments are also faced with the same challenges. 

I’m not anti-religion or religious education. I am opposed to using taxes to help support religious institutions and their educational religious programs. 

People should be tired of hearing about assault weapons when the people that want to ban them don't even know what one is. 

Well, fishing really kicked it up a notch this past week, as some big flounder, including one of the double-digit variety, were caught.

Fishing continues to have mixed reviews, as the weather and water temperatures are keeping anglers adjusting. Late in the weekend, the action experienced an uptick, which, hopefully, will continue as the month moves along. 

The U.S. Supreme Court is one-third of our government! We have the Executive Branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. Each is equal in power and authority within the scope of their respective duties. 

I was part of a group conversation the other day, and one friend was adamantly stating a point without tolerating any question that it was true.  In fact, it was not. What was being said with such vigor was exactly wrong. This was no fine gray line or splitting of hairs about truth. The fact…

Supply chain issues and inflation do not happen overnight. They are the result of many currents reinforcing themselves over time. 

As God directs each of our paths this week, may we be on the lookout for souls that are hungry and weak and need to be fed the food of life – Jesus’ words. 

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I am a Boy Scout, and my week for summer camp is coming up soon. I have been thinking that it would be a good idea to write about the recent shark migration through Cape Cod.

Wow! What a nice July 4th weekend we just had. Outside of some wind, the weather was fantastic. Even the rain, and accompanying storm, arrived in the area late in the evening and departed by the next morning. 

How many innocent lives must be lost before action is taken? Why do our elected officials refuse to stop the killings?

The nice weekend weather finally allowed for a full schedule of fishing. Anglers were out all over, enjoying their opportunity to fish in pleasant conditions. Let’s see what they were able to accomplish.

As we celebrate the founding of our country, it brings to mind our liberties and the sweet knowledge that we can speak freely about our faith.

Ocean City’s obstruction of the Ocean Wind I LLC plan for onshoring the transmission cables is yet another speed bump on the aggressive push to get alternative energy sources online quickly. 

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To answer the question "where were you" in a previous letter to the editor,during President Trump's administration, I lived in a sovereign, energy-independent country trying to secure her borders, the U.S. of America. 

I heard the most marvelous sermon recently, which reminded me of Jesus’ words about “loving your neighbor as yourself.” The pastor was speaking about Jesus telling us to be peacemakers. 

As the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence approached, Jefferson, 83 and ill, was in no position to leave his mountaintop estate. He did respond to requests for a written statement in which he praised “the blessings and security of self-government,” while acknowledging that “…

Well, it was another lost Sunday. Let’s hope things change for the coming week and the local captains and anglers can get some fishing in.

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I visited the class once a week for enrichment. This was the first drill that had not been announced. Simply the signal.

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I know for a fact that many Wildwood citizens and business owners care about this plan, and many others never heard about it.

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Clearly, millions of Americans, Christians included, have been programmed over the decades to champion as their idol a political party.

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If local authorities don't have the resources to extend seasonal patrols, then, we, citizens need to look out for one another. We need to keep our eyes on the water and look for signs of distress. 

We call on municipalities to open meetings, make more information remotely accessible, use technology to increase participation rather than limit it, encourage wider public involvement, and think about the remote public every time you sit back, away from your microphone.