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COURT HOUSE - Bayshore Road (C.R. 603) work, on the Fishing Creek Culvert, will continue through the week of March 29.  

According to a release, after further inspection by the county engineer, it was determined that the original triple 36-inch, cast-iron culvert pipes needed replacement in their entirety, and work began on March 10. The emergency project includes the removal and replacement of the existing storm culvert pipes, the installation of new headwalls and foundation slabs, the installation of wing walls, the installation of scour countermeasures, backfilling the culvert excavation with stone, and resurfacing the roadway.  

As of March 25, the contractor has replaced the pipes, installed the foundation slabs and headwalls, and backfilled the excavation. The contractor will be working extended hours, as well as Saturdays, to expedite the remaining work.  

Prior to March 28, the contractor expects to have installed the westerly wing walls and scour protection, with the expectation of restoring temporary flow across the culvert by the night of March 27. 

The balance of the remaining work, including resurfacing the roadway, is expected to be completed by April 7. Until that time, Bayshore Road will remain closed to traffic, and the detour of Bayshore Road will remain in place. All local businesses will remain open and accessible.  

The county will post a final update if the scheduled of opening Bayshore Road changes. 

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