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Somewhere in the Swamps Of Jersey: Sciarra And Murphy

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“You’ve been taxed, tolled, and fee’d” to death. “Let’s drain the swamp!” Sound familiar? Sure does.  This has been the rallying cry for Republican voters for the past four years under President Donald Trump. Now, the Cape May County Democratic County Chairman has hijacked these slogans in his bid to fool Cape May County voters into supporting his Freeholder race.

Now, what’s is more “swampy” than trying to fool the voters into believing you are a Republican when in fact you are the Democratic Chairman? Well, how about covering up for your friend Democrat Governor Phil Murphy when it comes to taxes, tolls, and fees.

Sciarra hasn’t told the voters that his buddy Phil Murphy really stuck it to the people of Cape May County during this covid pandemic. While the families and businesses of Cape May County have been struggling to survive financially, emotionally, and physically, Sciarra’s pal Murphy has been rushing to “tax, toll and fee” us all to oblivion.

Murphy raised taxes on gasoline. If there is one thing a Cape May County family certainly did not need during COVID it is paying even more at the gas pump. But Murphy went ahead anyway and Sciarra helps him cover it up by blaming Republicans.

Murphy raised tolls on the Parkway and other toll roads. Just what our families and businesses needed as we try to get back on our feet. So now where ever we go in our cars, we are paying more because we have to cover the cost of Murphy’s gas tax hike and his toll increase. Sciarra wants you to believe his friend Phil Murphy is not to blame. What a hoax!

Murphy then took a dramatic step to try to further curtail the Second Amended rights of Cape May County residents. He increased firearms permit and sale fees through the roof. In some cases, up to 500%. And Sciarra keeps trying to sell you this false narrative that his pal Phil Murphy is not responsible.

Yes, we have been taxed, tolled and fee’d to death: by Sciarra and Murphy. Don’t be fooled! Get your ballot. Vote Republican Column 2. Mail it in or drop it off.

Drain the Jersey Swamp. Stop Sciarra and Murphy!

Ordered and paid for by the Cape May County Regular Republican Organzation, 2123 Dune Dr., Avalon, NJ 08202.

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