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COURT HOUSE – The June 8 primary election, in Cape May County, resulted in12,433 ballots cast out of 73,700 registered voters, a turnout of 16.87%, according to the Cape May County clerk’s election website (https://bit.ly/2T8l1xL). 

There were only two contested races, both of which were on the Republican ballot.

In the race for governor, unofficial results show Republican Jack Ciattarelli won his party’s support, with 157,501 votes statewide.

Other Republicans were Philip Rizzo, 82,773; Hirsh Singh, 68,532; and Brian Levine, 10,282.

Ciattarelli also won Cape May County, with 5,235 votes. Singh received 1,713; Rizzo, 1,422; and Levine, 118.

In Stone Harbor, Republicans Bernadette (Bunny) Parzych, with 205 votes, and Frank Dallahan, with 151 votes, outpolled Robert D. Bickford, with 93 votes, for two seats on Borough Council.

The following are unofficial results from Cape May County only.

State offices:

Governor,one seat, four-year term

Democrat: Philip Murphy, 3,513; Write-in, 46

Republican: Jack Ciattarelli, 5,235; Hirsh V. Singh, 1,713; Philip Rizzo, 1,422;Brian D. Levine, 118; Write-in, 17

State Senate, one seat, two-year term

Republican: Michael Testa, 7,602; Write-in, 15

Democrat: Yolanda E. Garcia Balicki, 3,411; Write-in, 15

General Assembly, two seats, two-year terms

Democrat: John P. Capizola Jr., 3,372; Christopher C. Wilson, 3,310; Write-in, 19

Republican: Erik Simonsen, 7,527; Antwan McClellan, 7,288; Write-in, 25

State Committee Male, one seat, four-year term

Republican: Tomaso Rotondi, 7,433; Write-in, 18

Democrat: John P. Amenhauser, 3,377; Write-in, 9

State Committee Female, one seat, four-year term

Democrat: Elizabeth F. Casey, 3,464; Write-in, 8

Republican: Lynda Pagliughi, 7,526; Write-in, 13

County offices:

County Commissioner,one seat, three-year term

Republican: Leonard C. Desiderio, 7,629; Write-in, 17

Democrats had 180 write-in votes.

Municipal offices:

Dennis Township Committee, one seat, three-year term

Republican: Frank L. Germanio Jr., 483; Write-in, 2

Democrats had six write-in votes.

Middle Township Committee, one seat, three-year term 

Democrat: Quanette Vasser-McNeal,664; Write-in, 1 

Republican: Theron (Ike) Gandy, 1,353; Write-in, 2 

North Wildwood 

Mayor, one seat, four-year term 

Republican: Patrick Rosenello, 414; Write-in, 1

Democrats had three write-in votes.

Council-at-large, one seat, two-year term 

Republican: Salvatore Zampirri, 403; Write-in, 1 

Democrats had two write-in votes.

1st Ward Council, one seat, three-year term 

Democrat: Maria G. Mattera, 56; Write-in, 1 

Republican: James Kane, 222 

2nd Ward Council, one seat, three-year term 

Republican: Joseph V. Rullo, 171; Write-in, 2

Democrats had one write-in vote.

Stone Harbor Council, two seats, three-year terms 

Republican: Bernadette (Bunny) Parzych, 205; Frank Dallahan, 151; Robert D. Bickford, 93

Democrats had five write-in votes.

Upper Township  

Committee, two seats, three-year terms 

Democrat: Christina (Cricket) Denton Brennan, 390; Lenora Boninfante Kodytek, 388; Write-in, 4 

Republican: Kimberly R. Hayes, 1,094; Write-in, 393 

Committee, one seat, one-year unexpired term 

Republican: Mark E. Pancoast, 1,066; Write-in, 15 

Democrat: Shawna Mulford, 399; Write-in, 1

Woodbine Council, two seats, three-year terms 

Republican: Michael E. Benson, 61; Joseph E. Johnson III, 51 

Democrats had one write-in vote.

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