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Everybody Wants to Be a Republican

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Here at CapeGOP, we are flattered that this year even the Democrats and Independents running for Freeholder want to be Republicans.

The Democrat candidate (we think there are actually two, but one of them has been completely ignored by her own party) spends most of every day trying to convince Cape May County voters that he is actually a Republican.  When we pointed out that he is the Democrat County Chairman and a Democrat candidate for Freeholder, he called that “a smear campaign” (LOL!). Really?!  It is a smear campaign to call the Democrat Chairman a Democrat?! (LOL, again!!)

But there are plenty of good reasons for everybody to want to be a Republican.  Republicans support the men and women of Law Enforcement.  We do not support defunding the police.  Republicans believe we are capable as citizens of following safety protocols related to COVID-19 that will slow the spread but not shred the Constitution.  Republicans believe that non-violent protests in support of political action are an important American tradition.  We do not believe going into and looting, rioting and burning communities of color is good for those communities.  Republicans believe in smaller, more efficient government that lets people freely live their lives instead of telling them how they must live their lives.  Republicans still believe in and openly support things like faith, family, and country.  We don’t engage in identity politics and instead follow Dr. King’s recommendation that all people be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

We can’t blame the opposition for wanting to be Republicans.  We would welcome them with open arms because ours is a big tent party that does not try to put everyone into a racial or ethnicity or sexual orientation box.

But, alas, there is only one Column of Republican candidates on your ballot. In Cape May County that is Column Two.  Don’t be fooled.  Get your ballot.  Vote Republican Column Two.  Mail it in or drop it off.  And find our CapeGOP Voter Guide here in the Herald for all the information you need on casting your ballot.  You can tear it out and put it on the fridge.  Most importantly, make sure your vote counts!  It won’t count if you don’t cast your ballot.  Check out the CapeGOP Voter Guide in this edition of the Herald and make sure you vote Republican Column Two and get your ballot in.

Who knows, maybe our opponents want to be Republicans so badly that they will vote Column Two as well.

Paid for by the Cape May County Regular Republican Organization, 2123 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ 08202.

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