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Dems - 396 / GOP - 9

The Middle Township Democrat party and their candidate for Township Committee are driving a disingenuous and distorted claim of a spike in Township land sales in Whitesboro.

This narrative is designed to paint the current, Republican Township Committee members as insensitive to the historical nature of the community.  

This is all part of a broader campaign intent on implementing the “woke” progressive tactics of the Left to drive anger and division in our hometown. 

The best counterpunch to a cynical, inaccurate, politically driven narrative? The truth. 

The truth is, that in the past decade, 2011 through 2020, Republicans have held the majority on Township Committee for a total of six year. During those 6 years,  nine properties in Whitesboro were sold through the land sale process…9

In the previous ten years (2001-2010), under total Democrat control, a whopping 139 properties in Whitesboro were sold off to developers…139.

Looking back historically, a total of 405 lots in Whitesboro have gone to public land sale since 1966. The Democrat party held the majority for 48 of those 54 years.  

From 1966 to 1975, a total of 129 Whitesboro lots were sold off. Another 72 went to land sale between 1980 and 1989.  And so it goes. 

Final tally since 1966 on public land sales in Whitesboro?

Democrats - 396

Republicans- 9

When it comes to the history of land sales in Whitesboro, the Middle Dems are completely uninformed on this subject and are trying to drive a political agenda. Either way, the people of Middle Township deserve better. 

The people of Middle Township deserve the truth. 

Paid for by Gandy for Committee 7 Seagrove Ave CMCH, NJ 08210.

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