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A Letter from Zack Mullock

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Hi, I am Zack Mullock running for Mayor in Cape May. I care deeply for the future of Cape May. I am proudly raising my three children here with my wife Justine while we also run several businesses here in Cape May. We are tied to the success of both Cape May’s community & businesses.

Right now, Cape May is headed in the wrong direction. Over the last four years, we have done no flood mitigation projects. We have done almost no road paving. Our current projects, which includes Lafayette St Park, Soldiers and Sailors Park, the New Library, have gone nowhere. Not only have they gone nowhere, they are bleeding taxpayer funds, we’ve spent millions on projects that look worse than when we started. Both Parks were originally covered by bonds, now will cost million over $4 Million.

In the last ten years, property taxes have increased 44%. Our Fund Balance has a $5.5 Million deficit. We have a $1.1 Million shortfall in our Tourism Utility. We will not make this all up by January; we will have to dig into our surplus and raise taxes. Regrettably, this was preventable. I voted against our budget in late April, which we passed 3-2. While businesses were closed, and we were not collecting parking meters, beach tags, or occupancy taxes, Council passed the budget that showed increases to our revenues over 2019. This was an absolute dereliction of our fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Cape May. And now the taxpayers are going to have to pay for it. 

I also see bad development going on. Mr. Lear and Mrs. Hendricks supported and are supporting Redevelopment Zones. This legal mechanism would make ‘special’ zoning areas & give tax breaks to developers. This is an absolute ‘insiders’ club working for the benefit of developers to the detriment of the taxpayers. One Redevelopment Zone even included the sale of City Hall, and the demolition of what is now the Harriet Tubman Museum. Had the citizens not stopped Redevelopment encouraged by and voted for by Mr. Lear, it would have cost the citizens millions to replace City Hall, the Fire House, & the Police Station. 

There is no shortage of development in Cape May; we do not need to give away taxpayer’s money to encourage development. The fact that Mr. Lear has allowed our City’s solicitor to represent the largest development project at the Beach Theater while also encouraging the City to make that area a Redevelopment Zone is wrong. 

I ask that the citizens of Cape May again make a stand. I will stand with you, work with you, and help lead us into a positive future. 

With your vote, we will refocus on fiscal responsibility, grants, renewable energy that makes sense for the taxpayer, flood mitigation projects, and protection of our National Historic Landmark status. 

Thank you, and please vote!

Zack Mullock

Ordered and paid for by Mullock for Mayor, 1149 Lafayette Street, Cape May 08204.

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