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COURT HOUSE - There were 50,246 ballots cast in the general election Nov. 3, out of 75,436 registered voters, according to the Cape May County Clerk's election website. Turnout was nearly 67%.

The following unofficial results are from Cape May County only. They "do not include a portion of the mail-in ballots received on Election Day, mail-in ballots postmarked by Nov. 3 (which may be received through Nov. 10) and provisional ballots," reads a note at the top of the results page on the election website.

Unofficial Results

President - One seat, four-year term 

Donald J. Trump (R), 27,756 

Joseph R. Biden (D), 21,159

Jo Jorgensen (L), 215

Howie Hawkins (G), 10

Bill Hammons, 43

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, 34

Don Blankenship (C), 20

Gloria Estela La Riva (S), 10

U.S. Senate - One seat, six-year term

Rikin (Rik) Mehta (R), 26,468

Cory Booker (D), 20,209 

Madelyn R. Hoffman (G), 323 

Veronica Fernandez, 288

Daniel Burke, 88

U.S. House of Representatives - One seat, two-year term

Jeff Van Drew (R), 29,110

Amy Kennedy (D), 19,369

Jesse Ehrnstrom (L), 239

Jenna Harvey, 165

County Races

Sheriff - One seat, three-year term

Robert A. Nolan (R), 34,388

County Clerk - One seat, five-year term

Rita Marie Fulginiti (R), 35,870

Freeholder - Two seats, three-year terms

Will Morey (R), 27,403

Jeffrey L. Pierson (R), 26,525

Brendan Sciarra (D), 18,543

Elizabeth F. Casey (D), 18,458

Ryan Troiano, 2,783

Municipal Races

Cape May

Mayor - One seat, four-year term

Zachary Mullock, 832

Clarence F. Lear III, 530

Council member - One seat, four-year term

Christopher Bezaire, 617

Patricia Gray Hendricks, 495

Mark DiSanto, 128

Cape May Point

Commissioner - Three seats, four-year terms

Robert J. Moffatt, 119

Catherine M. Busch, 90

Anita VanHeeswyk, 84

Mary A. Kelly, 82

Marcus D. Wrotny, 14

Dennis Township Committee - Two seats, three-year terms

Scott J. Turner (R), 2,300

Thomas J. VanArtsdalen (R), 2,299

Jeffrey Trout (D), 1,158

Renee Pettit (D), 1,149

Lower Township

Mayor - One seat, four-year term

Francis H. Sippel (R), 7,168

Christopher South (D), 3,572

Council-at-large - One seat, four-year term

David Perry (R), 6,947

Chris Marlow (D), 3,678

2nd Ward Council - One seat, two-year unexpired term

Kevin S. Coombs (R), 2,549

Middle Township Committee - One seat, three-year term

Timothy Donohue (R), 5,725

Bob Jackson (D), 3,576

North Wildwood

1st Ward Council - One seat, three-year term

David J. Del Conte (R), 819

2nd Ward Council - One seat, three-year term 

Kellyann Tolomeo (R), 637

Stone Harbor

Mayor - One seat, four-year term

Judith M. Davies-Dunhour (R), 361

Council member - Two seats, three-year terms

Robin Lynn Casper (R), 346

Reese E. Moore (R), 334

Upper Township Committee - One seat, three-year term

Curtis T. Corson Jr. (R), 3,977

John Amenhauser (D), 2,921

West Wildwood

Commissioner - Three seats, four-year terms

Matthew J. Ksiazek, 183

John J. Banning, 182

Joseph D. Segrest, 182

Amy Korobellis, 153

Scott Golden, 151

Christopher J. Fox, 148


Council member - Two seats, three-year terms

David Bennett (R), 359

Hector Cruz (R), 359

Ballot Questions

State Question 1 -Legalizes the use of recreational marijuana for individuals at least 21 years of age

Yes, 30,609

No, 16,624

State Question 2 -Gives a $250 property tax deduction to veterans who did not serve in time of war, as well as extend the 100% property tax exemption for disabled veterans to veterans who became disabled during peacetime military service

Yes, 36,309

No, 10,463

State Question 3 - Postpones the redrawing of legislative district boundaries if U.S. Census counts are delayed

Yes, 23,550

No, 21,432

Cape May Question - Approves one of two bond ordinances, initiated by citizen petition, involving the financing and construction of public safety facilities

Yes (Ordinance 402-2020 would finance construction of a stand-alone firehouse for $5 million), 477

Yes (Ordinance 392-2020 would finance construction of a consolidated public safety building for $15 million), 425 

No, 374

West Cape May Question - Establishes a Length of Service Awards Program for members of the West Cape May Volunteer Fire Company

Yes, 487

No, 106

School board results may be viewed here.

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