Recently, the majority of the county freeholders voted to censure one of their own. The act of “censure” means to express severe disapproval, especially in a formal statement. In an unprecedented move for county government, the freeholders formally condemned one of their colleagues.

Specifically, three of the five top Republicans in the county condemned Freeholder E. Marie Hayes by a formal, public vote based on her acts of retaliation against a county employee. Four of the five, including Freeholder Will Morey, voted to condemn her for attempting to use her position for personal gain. A conflict of interest censure. As they publicly stated, Freeholders Thornton, Desiderio, Pierson and Morey carefully reviewed the $60,000 taxpayers funded secret report and determined that they were obligated to express their severe disapproval of Hayes’ behavior. Hayes shot back that her actions were no different than other freeholders, launching her own missiles at Thornton’s prevalent nepotism and conflicts of interest.

We anticipate that Thornton and Hayes will casually overlook their public condemnation of each other and restore the Republican Team of Thornton and Hayes, boasting about how well they run county government together. Voters should ask, have we ever seen such a disingenuous political ploy to run away from serious abuses of elected office?

It’s time to drain the swamp in Cape May County.

Ordered and paid for by Casey and Gould for Freeholder 2700 Pacific Ave., Wildwood, NJ 08260

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