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If We Don’t Vote, They Win

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It really is that simple. If we don’t vote, they win. The people who shut down our voting booths would love it if Republicans don’t cast their ballots. Phil Murphy and the Democrats would be dancing in the streets without masks on if we got to the end of this election and Republican participation was way down. The Democrats would steal seats they don’t deserve and good Republican candidates and elected officials would be wondering where their voters were. Every Republican and like-minded Unaffiliated voter and Democrats who love this country and don’t like what the Left is doing to it must get his or her ballot in as soon as possible.

Remember what this election is about. There is a movement afoot in this country from the far Left. It has been embraced by the mainstream Democratic leadership, including their Presidential candidate. It is not in keeping with the principals and beliefs of most people in Cape May County no matter what party they belong to. This movement wants to defund our police departments and leave the streets to gangs and thugs. This movement cheers when police officers are attacked. They want to confiscate legally held firearms. They want to take more money from the people who work and redistribute it to people who don’t. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s first draft of her socialist manifesto included a minimum guaranteed income for people who were “unwilling to work.*” Paid for by you. They want to tear down the American Flag and get rid of the National Anthem. They want to gauge the worth of a human being based on the color of his or her skin. They want America to melt into an international order that eliminates American exceptionalism and leadership.

If we don’t vote, they win.

They used the FBI and CIA to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign and even after he became President. They drove a false narrative and fake investigation for more than three years, dividing the American people, pitting family members against each other. They called Republicans “deplorable” and now they are openly advocating for the prosecution of anyone who supported President Trump.

If we don’t vote, they win.

They don’t believe in the concept that is America. They want only to tear our country down. American history is filled with terrible wounds and scars, but it is also full of dreams and triumphs that have made America a more just and freer country. The beautiful tapestry of American is woven from people of every color and faith. They want to shred it and pull its threads apart to satisfy their thirst for identity politics and their desire to keep the American people angry and divided.

If we don’t vote, they win.

It’s time to stand up for the America we believe in. The America that liberated the colonists, freed the slaves, liberated Western Europe and the Pacific from fascism, and freed Eastern Europe from Communism. Stand up for the America that harnessed the power of its people and the free market economy to build the greatest society in the history of the world. That lifted tens of millions of Americans out of poverty and has exported prosperity and assistance throughout the world for a century. Stand up for the America that was founded upon the principal that all of us are created equal, a phrase that became a rallying cry for American slaves, African-American’s fighting Jim Crow and remains a rallying cry for freedom movements in Iran, China and throughout the world. It’s time to stand up for the America where people of all races, colors and creeds can once again be one nation under God. It really is that simple.

If we don’t vote, they win.

* 2/7/19

Ordered and paid for by the Cape May County Reg. Republican Org. 2123 Dune, Avalon, NJ 08202

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