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Absolute Control is an Absolute Problem

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Citizens are best served when there are differing opinions and ideas on governing bodies. When one political party has total control, it inevitably leads to partisan interests overshadowing the well-being of the people being served. Decisions become rooted in simply strengthening the political party, which leads to dysfunctional operations, waste, and overspending. The problems become more worrisome the longer the political party stands unchallenged as complacency and a business-as-usual culture inevitably settles in.

In Cape May County, the Freeholder Board exemplifies the dangers of absolute authority in the hands of one political party. The Freeholders speak with one voice echoing a stale, outdated approach to running county government. An approach of wasteful spending, reckless lawsuits, and a workplace built on political favoritism and disrespect to hardworking employees and taxpayers. While at the same time, as Cape May County provides the state with substantial annual tourism revenues, the Freeholders turn a blind eye to how badly we are being shortchanged in state funding. 

Cape May County needs checks and balances that reflect diverse ideas and multiple voices on the Freeholder Board. These are urgent times and we simply can’t afford to continue following a path that just keeps raising taxes and wasting money. We must push past rigid political partisanship and elect independent thinkers that will change priorities and be real advocates for county taxpayers. Not partisanship, but common sense.

Brenda Sciarra and Liz Casey will push politics aside and put the people of Cape May County first.  Sciarra and Casey will stop the endless tax hikes and wasteful spending. And Sciarra and Casey will be loud voices in fighting for our fair share of state and federal funding.

Paid for by Sciarra and Casey for Freeholder, PO Box 1551 Wildwood, NJ 08260.

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