Cost Killed 'I Voted' Stickers

COURT HOUSE – A lack of “I Voted” stickers at polling places in Cape May County Nov. 6 caused some proud citizens to inquire what happened to the red, white and blue badges. They had appeared on social media during the mid-term elections.

Cape May County Clerk Rita Fulginiti said her office received a few emails concerning the stickers.

“The clerk’s office has never handled getting the stickers. They would have to contact the Board of Elections,” Fulginiti said.

However, Cape May County Board of Elections Registrar Michael Kennedy said the county hadn’t purchased the “I Voted” stickers in years.

“I believe the county stopped purchasing the stickers decades ago. It’s up to the municipalities to purchase them if they want to hand them out,” Kennedy said. He added that Ocean City may have passed out the stickers.

Kennedy said he believed it was a cost-cutting measure at the time the badges were eliminated. He reported that the Court House office had a person come in on Election Day seeking a sticker.

“When we explained the situation, they understood,” he said.

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