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AVALON - Avalon Borough Council authorized a bid process Jan. 23 for a back bay dredging project in the public channel west of 21st Street in Pennsylvania Harbor. The channel was last dredged in 2015. Estimates are that it has filled with as much as 1,750 cubic yards of a silt-like material.

Borough Engineer Thomas Thornton explained that bids would be requested by Feb. 5 with the goal of an award at the Feb. 13 council meeting. Thornton said the work should be completed in a 45-day period.

One obstacle that must be overcome is finding a location for the dredge material. The nature of the material and the process that will be used to dredge the channel both mitigate against the use of the borough’s confined disposal facility on Graven’s Island. Thornton explained that the bidders for the dredging contract would be asked to provide proof that they have an approved location for the soils.

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