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COURT HOUSE - The dilapidated train station, at the end of West Main Street in the old Wildwood Junction portion of Middle Township, is no more, said Mayor Timothy Donohue Feb. 3.

Donohue congratulated Business Administrator Kimberly Krauss for successfully navigating the overlapping responsibilities regarding the station, owned by the state Department of Transportation and leased by Cape May Seashore Line, which has been abandoned for decades.

For neighbors, it was an eyesore, and an attraction for illegal activity. For Police Chief Christopher Leusner, it was a public safety concern. Demolishing the building grew to be the only option.

The building and the tracks once carried tourists to the barrier islands for a day of sun and fun at the shore. With the tracks no longer used, the building gave in to the environment.

The municipality condemned the station, in 2019, engaging in a process to get the state to deal with the problems that made it a public hazard.