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DENNISVILLE - Dennis Township Business Administrator Jessica Bishop reported to Dennis Township Committee at the Aug. 13 meeting that peacocks have been spotted in the municipality and that residents are concerned for their safety. Several peacocks, including an adult with several peachicks, have been spotted on Petersburg Road.

"No one is claiming them so we need to consider they are feral at this point," explained Bishop. "Animal control does not have traps big enough to catch them and take them to a better location. So we are hoping that if residents see them they can lure them into their garage with food and then animal control will come and remove them."

In responding to a question from the Herald as to where the peacocks might have originated, Bishop answered, "I do not know for sure, but a resident mentioned that someone owned peacocks in town and had moved. It is unclear if they attempted to take the birds to their new home and they returned or if some were simply left behind."

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