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AVALON – The routine renewal of liquor licenses by the Avalon Borough Council June 9 included one license that has some controversy attached to it. 

The renewal of the inactive license from the now-closed Jack’s Place was accomplished, even though it remains, for the third year in a row, a license with no premises.  

In New Jersey, it is considered a “pocket license.” It will remain so until it is attached to a licensed site usually through a place-to-place transfer. 

The license was rumored to be part of the controversial plan to develop a larger, 300-seat, upscale venue, at 29 Boardwalk, a location currently housing a pizza parlor, arcade and ice cream shop. The plan animated much opposition in the Avalon community and led to a virtual Planning Board meeting, in which the number of interested parties almost overwhelmed the remote access technology. 

Rumored among many of those who showed an interest in the site plan proposal was the concern that 29 Boardwalk would, after plan approvals, move to obtain a liquor license with the pocket license being the most readily available.  

At the Planning Board, many members of the public argued against a wedding and event venue in the location, especially one with the potential to obtain a liquor license. 

The continued renewal of an inactive license beyond two years requires state approval and the borough clerk received that approval on the same day the council renewed the license. Part of that process was a need on the part of the license holder to show the state an intent to reactivate the license. 

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