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NORTH WILDWOOD - North Wildwood City Council, during its Nov. 16 meeting, approved a resolution allowing the place-to-place transfer of a plenary retail distribution license to Bubba’s Liquor Store.  

An application was made for and received by the city to transfer the license from its current location, at 1715 New York Ave., to a new licensed premises, at 1801 New Jersey Ave.  

The required fees were also paid to initiate the license transfer. 

The applicant complied with all the statutory requirements, no objections were received, as well as “proof of publication” of advertisement of the transfer was received, according to the resolution. 

In addition, “the proposed licensee is suitable for said purposes,” “the premises is suitable for said purposes,” “the application supplied by the applicant is complete in all respects,” and the “applicant and the premises are otherwise qualified to be licensed according to statutory, regulatory and local government alcoholic beverage control laws and regulations,” according to the resolution, so the transfer can be granted. 

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