Cape May County Sheriff Robert Nolan

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COURT HOUSE - Almost 275 of America’s sheriffs from 39 states, representing a combined 19.82 million Americans, penned a letter to President Joe Biden this week, urging him to secure the border and stop the mass influx of illegal immigration. 

According to a release, three New Jersey sheriffs signed the letter, including Cape May County Sheriff Robert Nolan.

“The immigration policies set forth by President Biden are endangering residents across the country and here, in Cape May County,” stated Nolan. “This is why I joined with hundreds of other sheriffs from throughout the U.S. to share our concerns for these plans which hinder law enforcement’s ability to serve and protect their communities.”

The letter was sent to Biden electronically and via USPS.

“You must act now before our nation’s public safety resources are overwhelmed with the criminal side effects of unchecked illegal immigration, including transnational gangs, guns, dangerous drugs and human trafficking,” America’s sheriffs wrote, in the letter. “America’s Sheriffs urge you, Mr. President, to reverse course and help us protect our communities by securing the southern border. Both the Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations recognized the threats and dangers presented by illegal immigration. It is critically important that you see it, as well.”

Cape May County Commissioner Director Gerald M. Thornton echoed his support for Sheriff Nolan and the letter.

“We are proud to have Sheriff Nolan serving our residents in Cape May County,” stated Thornton. “I also have concerns about all the children being put in harm's way and risking their lives without a parent traveling with them to reach the U.S. It isn’t clear where these individuals will go and what burdens it will place upon all 50 states.”

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