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WOODBINE - The Borough of Woodbine has introduced a proposed flood damage prevention ordinance as required by FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.  Second reading will be at the July 20 meeting.

This ordinance adopts new standards and new flood insurance rate maps that replace the version promulgated by FEMA in 1979.  On the effective date of the ordinance (October 5, 2017), new structures and substantial improvements to existing structures within Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) will be required to comply with the ordinance, particularly with respect to compliance with the minimum lowest floor elevation.  This is an important consideration for new construction because building at a higher elevation can greatly reduce the cost of flood insurance.    

Although some private and Borough properties are within the new SFHA areas, our interpretation indicates that no existing structures would be subject to additional compliance measures. As a result, property owners within the Borough are eligible to purchase low cost "preferred risk" flood insurance policies. In fact, 14 buildings that were previously in the AE Flood Zone will no longer be in that zone. All new construction would require a map review to insure SFHA compliance.

“I believe we are about to be one of the first municipalities in Cape May County to pass such an approved ordinance,” observed Mayor Pikolycky. “The new map shows us to be at the highest elevation in the County.”

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