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STONE HARBOR - At a Stone Harbor Borough Council meeting in April, Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour expressed concern about the state Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) use of snare traps at the Point.

The traps, part of DEP’s predator control program, are used to reduce the threat posed by foxes to migratory birds nesting at the Point.

In that meeting, Davies-Dunhour, supported by Council member Charles Krafczek, called the traps inhumane. She added that she heard from members of the public who also were upset about the traps.

At the council meeting June 4, Krafczek introduced a resolution meant to put the governing body on record as seeking alternative means for predator control. It expressed the desire of the council to work with the DEP to find “more humane ways” to address the fox problem at the Point.

The resolution did not pass. The majority of council rejected a formal statement of opposition to the DEP’s program.

Council member Raymond Parzych said he voted against the resolution because it was premature.

“We are partners with DEP out at the Point,” Parzych said. “I don’t believe we should start expressing opposition with a formal resolution.”

Instead, Parzych suggested inviting the DEP representatives to a future council meeting so that they could explain their predator control program to the council and the public.

Saying “this carnage is wrong,” one borough resident used public comment to label the conservation effort at the Point “a failure.” They added that “the only animal safe in Stone Harbor is a bird.”


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