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SEA ISLE CITY – In an effort to help city officials determine whether to build a municipal indoor swimming pool at 4501 Park Road (the former public school property), City Council created an online survey that asked property owners to vote “Yes” (build a pool) or “No” (do not build a pool). 


According to a release, the survey was available for two weeks from Oct. 23 through Nov. 5 (Election Day).


To take the survey, property owners were required to input their property-specific Water-Sewer Utility Account ID numbers. Paper versions of the survey were also made available to property owners who did not have access to the internet, and paper surveys also required Water-Sewer Utility Account ID Numbers to be counted.


During the survey, 2,552 respondents voiced opinions (including 33 who submitted paper surveys). 


The survey revealed that 79.3% of those who responded indicated that they use their Sea Isle City properties seasonally or rent-out their properties, and 20.7% indicated that they are year-round residents of Sea Isle City. 


Results Show...


The results of the online survey are as follows: 


· 76.2% = “No” (do not build a pool)


· 23.8% = “Yes” (build a pool) 


In addition to the online survey, the city also placed a non-binding referendum on the Nov. 5 general election ballot that asked the same question regarding the possible construction of a swimming pool. 


Initial tallies from the voting machines along with the initial mail-in ballot count from the Cape May County Election Board indicated that 489 voters said “no” to a swimming pool and 386 voters said “yes” to a pool. 


These election figures reflect the unofficial General Election Results for Nov. 5, 2019 (still pending the final vote by mail and provisional vote count).

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