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OCEAN CITY – Ocean City Council unanimously approved a $ $15.959 million bond ordinance June 25, with funding for road repairs and drainage improvements.

Under Mayor Jay Gillian, now in his third term, the city launched extensive infrastructure projects. Gillian argued that much of the work was long neglected.

At the meeting, the bond received an endorsement from the leader of the taxpayer advocacy group Fairness in Taxes. FIT President Dave Breeden told council he supports funding for infrastructure, even as his organization advocates for limited city spending.

The bond ordinance authorizes $6 million for construction and reconstruction of streets and alleys and $5.5 million for drainage work.

Other spending included in the ordinance: $1.25 million for building repair, including an electronic key system for the public safety building and other work, and $1.47 million for equipment and vehicles, including a new SUV for the fire department, along with a new pumper truck, a street sweeper, and vans, sedans and pickup trucks for various city departments.

The bond includes $720,000 for repairs and rehabilitation, including work to the tennis and pickleball courts and other improvements, and spending on radio upgrades and equipment for city departments.