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U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2nd)

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WASHINGTON - Early June 10, the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed their infrastructure legislation in the dead of night. 

According to a release, U.S. Jeff Van Drew (R-2nd) listened to, debated, and voted on over 150 amendments over the course of 15 hours. Van Drew ultimately voted no on the bill.

“This bill increases the costs of American energy. This bill makes everyday goods and services more expensive. This bill keeps the U.S. dependent on supply chains based on Chinese slave labor. This bill fails to address the core reasons that it is so difficult and expensive to build infrastructure in this country, to the extent that it provides money for traditional infrastructure at all,” stated Van Drew.

"To put it simply, this bill makes it more expensive to be an American. We need truly bipartisan legislation to address the American infrastructure crisis. We should focus on traditional infrastructure by investing in roads and bridges, and also provide funding for the critical modern infrastructure of broadband internet. We should eliminate the bureaucracy and red tape that makes our infrastructure so inefficient. We should strengthen American supply chains, so that the American infrastructure boom is fueled by American materials, workers and businesses. These are the steps we must take to build a Stronger America, and I will never stop fighting for this vision of American greatness.”

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