Visitors to the Wildwoods Boardwalk enjoy the hot morning weather July 4

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NORTH WILDWOOD - North Wildwood City Council, during its Oct. 5 meeting, approved a resolution outlining a shared services agreement with Wildwood regarding a Boardwalk Master Plan.

According to the resolution, Wildwood and North Wildwood would benefit from any improvements made to the Boardwalk, so the two municipalities joined together for the project. 

The municipalities entered an agreement with Colliers Engineering and Design for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Boardwalk, which is part of the shared services agreement. 

“The iconic Wildwoods Boardwalk” has been the heart of the community, as well as a prominent landmark of Southern New Jersey for decades, which serves as a promenade that provides “recreation, amusement, shopping, dining,”and a connection to the beach, according to the resolution.

The plan’s purpose is to improve the way the Boardwalk functions to better highlight everything it has to offer. 

Some ways that Colliers Engineering and Design is working to further the Boardwalk’s efficiency is to “reconfigure the tram car lanes to allow more pedestrian room along the shops’ frontage” and to look “at materials to extend the life of the boards” in general, according to the resolution.  

The plan also includes evaluating “the existing physical aspects of the Boardwalk at the street ends, including the ramps, and the interface with the Boardwalk and the beach,” so that the Boardwalk can reach a better vision of what it could be, while the other reconstruction is happening, according to the resolution.

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