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WEST WILDWOOD - A taxpayer raised concerns to public officials about litter on the island, questioning why West Wildwood's Public Works Department is not addressing the problem more actively. 

“I wonder what they (public works employees) are doing because I think our island sometimes looks like a pigpen, and that bothers me,” Mary Ellen Zajac said, during public comment at the Feb. 5 West Wildwood Borough Commission meeting.  

“I think our island could look nicer than it does,” Zajac added. “I question sometimes where these workers are.” 

Mayor Matthew Ksiazek, who oversees public works, said that while he agrees the litter is bothersome, he doesn’t think it is because of people’s lack of regard for the community, rather it is harsh winds overturning cans and blowing trash.  

“I agree with you. Garbage on the street bothers me. I hate to see it,” Ksiazek said, in response to Zajac. “I am going to say that I don't believe it's due to people who are littering. Unfortunately, we have a pretty harsh weather environment down here.” 

Zajac asked for one day a week, where public works would focus on cleaning the streets. 

“I will speak with my department and see if we can do more about it,” said Ksiazek. 

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