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AVALON – The jitney service will return to Avalon for the summer.

At one of the virtual gatherings of Avalon’s governing body, Business Administrator Scott Wahl briefed Avalon Borough Council on the altered parameters for the jitney service this year.

Explaining that the drivers are independent operators whose revenues have to, at least, cover their expenses for fuel and tolls, Wahl said that shared ride services, like Uber and Lyft, eroded the customer base for the jitneys, especially on slow weekdays after weekend crowds departed.

Wahl and Assistant Administrator James Waldron explained that the new contract provisions with the Jitney Association required service Friday through Sunday, and left Thursday optional depending on projected use at various times during the summer.

Part of the uncertainty is caused by the inability to project visitor volume in the summer, with the COVID-19 virus. What is certain is that jitney weekend service on Seven Mile Island will return.

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