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VILLAS – During publiccomment at the March 1 Lower Township Council meeting, Jesse Rynkiewicz asked that an ordinance governing chickens, ducks and geese being kept in homeowner’s backyards be reworked or a new ordinance created.

Rynkiewicz said the current ordinance only allows residents with at least a one-acre property to house the farm birds, as many as they want. He asked for clarification or a new ordinance that would allow owners of smaller properties to have a set number of birds.

He pointed out that the birds create less noise than a barking dog - though roostershould be banned due to crowing - don’tdraw rodents or transmit disease, and provide food, in the form of eggs. Rynkiewicz said the ordinance could include a ban on egg sales and be for personal use only.

“The current rules are not fair. People want sustainability, to be able to provide for themselves. Changing the ordinance would allow that,” Rynkiewicz said. 

To prove his point, he presented Council with a petition signed by over 950township residents.

Rynkiewicz said Middle Township allows farm birds on quarter acre properties without issue. He also pointed out that a change in the ordinance would help local businesses that offer supplies for raising the birds.

Township solicitor David Stefankiewicz said he would look at the current ordinance and discuss the issue with Council.

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