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SEA ISLE CITY – At the Aug. 25 Sea Isle City Council meeting, Mayor Leonard Desiderio said he received several complaints from New Jersey Transit (NJT) users and want-to-be riders regarding whether a bus serves the island.  

“I contacted a couple of well-informed people, including an elected official on the NJT board, from Cherry Hill, who also happens to own a property here, about confusion we’ve been receiving as to whether an NJT bus traverses through Sea Isle.  

"We were under the expectation that the NJT route goes completely from south to north and back, so all the way to 93rd Street; however, riders have been experiencing that the bus stays pretty much around 42nd (Street) and Landis (Avenue), and then moves on to Central (Avenue), in the downtown area, and departs.  

"Amazingly, as we were actually talking about the problem, we saw an NJT bus come over into Sea Isle from Avalon so no one is clear about what the route is or should be. Our residents and visitors alike need the bus to go shopping, get to commuter parking lots, and, overall, use it to make their lives more convenient.  

"Other shore locations have complete routes through their entire towns, so we’ll be working hard to clear up this confusion with an NJT review of what’s going on,” explained Desiderio. 

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